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Which Potty Training Pants should I buy?

It is starting to warm up outside and I can’t say it enough, “I am so glad!”  I personally have had enough of the cold weather and am loving the warm days that we are having at this time.  Due to the warming up of the weather, I am receiving more phone calls than usual,  from parents that are preparing themselves for the wonderful process called “Potty Training“.  The main topic seems to be “Which Training Pants should I buy?”

Most of them are aware already, that going from the paper product pull-ups to cotton training pants, is the first step to potty training.  The pull-ups are designed to keep the child as dry as possible no matter how many times they have accidents in them.  They wick away the moisture from the child’s bottom.  The cotton training pants on the other hand, will make the child feel wet and hopefully uncomfortable, so that they will be motivated to go to the potty in order to stay dry.  We can only hope!

We at RNK carry several kinds of training pants.  Our cotton training pants are thicker than most brands that you can buy in the stores and are available in blue (Potty Scotty) print,  Pink (Potty Patty) print, solid white and some colorful prints as well.  These training pants are designed to catch most of an accident in the thick center portion of the training pant but may not contain all of it.  Should you want help in containing most, if not all of the accident (and I say most because there are some accidents that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t contain all of it),  we recommend that you also use our waterproof pull-on pants to go over the top of them.  (Our pull on pants are not vinyl but are made out of a special waterproof PUL fabric, so you do not hear the rustling like the vinyl ones.)

Should you decide to use the cotton training pants, you will find that they are wonderful because once the child is potty trained, the training pant can also be used like regular underwear.  Be prepared because there will be many times that your child will wait until the last minute to go to the potty.   As they hurry on the way there, they may tinkle just a bit before reaching the potty.  Using this thicker cotton training pant should absorb that slight accident so that it does not go through to their clothing. and therefore saving them from an embarrassing moment.

2in1-Training-Pants-Scotty2_600x6002in1-Waterproof-Training-Pants-Patty_600x600If you do not like having to work with 2 separate items, then our 2-in-1 training pants are more for you.  They give you the convenience of the cotton training pant and the waterproof pull-on all built into one.  These are for daytime potty training just as the cotton training pants are.  They also come in the Blue Potty Scotty and Pink Potty Patty prints.

Bamboo-Waterproof-Training-Pants_600x600Minky-Waterproof-Training-Pants_600x600We have recently introduced some of our new waterproof training pants to our site.  These training pants come in a variety of prints but stand out because the outer PUL fabric is made up of 2 very special materials (bamboo and a very soft minky fabric).  All our waterproof training pants are perfect for potty training your child.

Night-Time-Training-Pants-n_600x600Once your child is day potty trained, you will have to watch for signs that will let you know that they are ready for night time training.  One of the most important signs to look for is that your child is waking up dry or almost dry several days out of the week.  This should be a sign that his/her little bladder has gained enough strength to hold it most, if not all night long until morning.  Once the child has showed this sign, you might want to try our night time training pants.  They are a little bulkier than the day time training pants because night time accidents are usually heavier than those during the day.  For easy night time changing, they are manufactured with 2 sets of snaps down both sides.  The second set of snaps also gives you the ability to increase or decrease the waist size of the training pant.

I strongly suggest that you use not just the weight chart that you see on the site but the measurement chart as well.  Using both increases the chance that the training pants will fit your child.  Good luck with your potty training days ahead and call me should you need any further assistance.



Deals and Steals

Who doesn’t like to shop and save money?  With the economy the way that it is, everyone is out looking to save money in some way.  We have a section on our sites called Deals and Steals.  There you will find our Sale Items, Clearance, and our Bundled Savings Items.  These 3 sections will help save you money and you will find that there is something on sale, not just for the kids but items that will benefit adults as well.  ( You really need to check out our Mom sections and our Personalization sections.)

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We have sections on our site that will feature some of our products, show you our new products and give you an idea of what our best sellers are.  So first buyer or not, this page changes at least once a month.  Check it out and see what is new.  You never know what you will find!

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Lowest Training Pant Price Ever!

Hot Summer SaleFor weeks now, we have been talking about how it is summertime and it is time for potty training. Well, I can’t think of a better time for us to have a SALE on our Potty Scotty Cotton Training PantsPotty Patty Cotton Training Pants, Potty Scotty 2 in 1 Waterproof Training Pants and our Potty Patty 2 in 1 Training PantsWe are offering you the lowest price that we have ever offered any of our online customers!!!  Take advantage of the savings while you can, because we do not know how long it will last!!!!!

Our cotton training pants are designed to be thicker than the store brands that you buy at your local department store.  The come in a blue image of Potty Scotty and in a pink image of Potty Patty.  They are individually packaged for your convenience,  to make it easier for you to try one on without opening the whole package should you need to return or exchange them for a different size.

We are also extending this savings on our 2 in 1 waterproof training pants.  These training pants are totally convenient for the parent on the go.  Since they are 2 training pants in one (cotton training pants with the waterproof outer layer), the buy parent does not have to worry about packing 2 different types of training pants but they are re-assured that their child is protected should they not quite make it to the potty while they are out.

We welcome you to visit our sites, Potty Training Concepts and Baby N Toddler to check out the special pricing on our cotton training pants and waterproof training pants!!  Don’t miss this special pricing opportunity!!!  Don’t wait they are moving fast!!!!




Summer Time = Tinkle Time

Potty Training Diva

Potty Training Diva

Summer is right around the corner and we here in the potty training world call this season Tinkle Time. Parents of toddlers all around the country unite with their potty paraphernalia they have been collecting since making that New Year’s Resolution to conquer potty training. Children are sent out in the backyard, bare bottoms blazing, and nature is getting a little extra “sprinkle” to help it grow.

So, if you are just now thinking about Tinkle Time then what does that mean? Are you behind the type A moms? Is it too late to start? Not at all! All you need is to be armed with the basics and you too can enjoy Tinkle Time.

The first thing is to make sure your little one is ready. Do you see signs he/she is ready to conquer this big independence? Are they communicating about using the potty? Curious about the bathroom? Follow directions? Able to sit on a potty for a short length of time? And here’s is the big question….Are you (parents) ready with patience and understanding to potty train?  In potty training it definitely takes a village, and sometimes help from mall security, but that’s a different blog.

If you’ve got most of these areas as a yes, then take a deep breath, let’s all hold hands, and here we go!

With any new venture shopping is a must.   So, what does your Tinkle Time Tool Belt need?

First thing, move away from the pull ups! Get you some good absorbent training pants. If you don’t want the mess, then training pants called waterproof 2in1 or buy the waterproof pull ons that go over the training pants. Using pull ups are like training in diapers, they work opposite than training pants and your child will not understand why they need to use the bathroom because they do not feel wet or uncomfortable.  Besides, they are use to going in their diaper so there’s no big difference.  So, to avoid looking all kinds of crazy to your kids, invest in reusable training pants.

The next thing is arm yourself with a fun potty chair. Yes, our society has gone all kinds of pee pee dance crazy with the variety of potty chairs that are available, but toddlers are a stubborn bunch so just go with the flow. If your child is in love with the color blue then go with a  blue potty chair .  Same goes for our girly girls who only want a pink potty chair.  If they are character driven, then Mickey Mouse or Dora will rule your world for a while. Whatever it is…do not say no! Motivation is key.

Next is the dangling carrot. I’m not known for being too PC so I call it bribery. In our PC world it is better known as incentives. Whatever you want to call it, Get It. This step is imperative for a toddler. They are ruled by what do I get. Now, if you have raised the appreciative, most polite, grateful toddler that will perform just for the pee pee dance alone, then I bow down to you. However, if not, then stock your potty tool belt with a plethora of spoils. Stickers, small toys, candy, whatever motivates your little one.  Get it and a lot of it.  Mix and match, keep it interesting, but dangle that carrot.

Those really are the 3 must have things you need to start your own Tinkle Time Experience.  Books, DVD, Potty Dolls, are all just icing on the cake.   The most important thing to remember is there is no timeline.  Your toddler may be bare bottom in the grass for a day, a week, a month or even the whole summer before you can check off potty training in the baby book milestone section, but it will eventually happen.  So, go out in the yard and play with your little one and enjoy Tinkle Time too.


Sizing… Why so difficult?


Measure by Weight

I think that the one thing that I get asked the most is for help with sizing.  It is hard to size a child when you can not see the product and try it on the child.  Plus there are many factors that make sizing hard.

1.  Each child, although they may weigh the same, are not built the same.  For example, some children may all weigh 50 pounds but some may be tall and thin while others may be short and stocky.  None of us are really made the same.


measuring tape 1

Measure by Size

2. Styles may differ in how they fit.  If you are like me,  you can go into one store and try on one style of jeans and think, wow they are perfect, and just my size.  Then you find another pair and you have to go up a size or two because you can’t seem to get into them easily.  This is the same with anything you might buy, material and design will vary with the product and dictate what size you will need.  Therefore measuring becomes a very important tool to insure a perfect fit when shopping for any type of clothing items for you or your child.


Sizing Chart3. Another thing to consider, when trying to decide what size you will need in a training pant, is to make sure that you allow a little room for shrinkage  (use low to medium heat to minimize any shrinkage) and a little room so that it will make it easier for your child to be able to pull them up and down by himself.

We try as hard as we can to make this as easy for you as possible.  We have placed a weight chart and a measurement chart on our site for each of the training pants that we sell.  Between the both charts you should be able to come close to making the correct choice to fit your child.

The only training pant that parents seem to have trouble fitting on their child is the 2 in 1 training pant.  Since they are made of a special waterproof PUL material, they do not give and stretch like our cotton training pants, therefore making them seem to run smaller.  Most of our customers will order, for example, a small in the cotton training pants and a medium in the 2 in 1’s.  This is not rule of thumb, though, some have gone 2 sizes larger in the 2 in 1’s.

Once your order has arrived, the first thing you should do is to try on one of the training pants to insure the fit.  All our training pants are packaged individually so that you are able to return those that were not worn and are still in their package.  If for some reason, the training pants are still too large or small, they may be exchanged for a different size.  You would be responsible for the shipping of the items that you are returning for the exchange and we will pay for the shipping of the correct size back to you.  (Please read our Return Policy for any further questions on returns.)


Waterproof Training Pants- Awesome idea!

Potty Scotty 2 in 1's

Potty Scotty 2 in 1’s

Have to run to the store, pick up the kids from school, pick up the dry cleaning?  That used to get a potty training mom’s heart just a racing.  What if they have an accident in their pants, while in the car?  What if we can’t find a bathroom nearby or what if we can’t make it to the bathroom in time?  Sound familiar?  Now a days, you can feel more relaxed and more confident on short trips with the 2 in 1 training pants.  These cotton training pants are lined with a special PUL fabric, which makes them waterproof so you can leave the house while potty training.  The 2 in 1’s eliminate the use of the cotton training pants and the waterproof pull on training pants together, because they are all built into one.

Potty training does not have to mean you are a prisoner in your home.  Time to get out and do what you have to do!


Potty Patty 2 in 1's

Potty Patty 2 in 1’s









Spring Time Means Potty Training Time

Spring will be here soon and it will be warm enough to begin Potty training. It will be time to take off some of those layers of winter clothing making it easier to potty train your child.  A couple of things that your child will need to get started with this process, will be his own size potty chair and his own size training pants.  The training pants should fit your child so that they can pull them up and down by themselves, without your assistance.  (After all, our goal is to make them self-sufficient.)

You really should check out our section of Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Cotton Training Pants.  Our line of cotton training pants are made to be of a better quality than our competitors and are thicker down the middle than most brands.  With that being said, thicker means that they will contain more of the accident and hopefully not make such a mess when those accidents do occur.  Should you not be very fond of cleaning up very many accidents off of your floor or furniture, you can think about adding a waterproof pull on pant to go over the training pants.  ( The waterproof pull on pants help contain the mess and since they are made of a special PUL fabric, they do not rustle or sound like the old fashioned vinyl pants. )  The Cotton training pants originally came in the solid white, Potty Scotty Print and the Potty Patty Print  and now we have them in designer prints for boys and girls that they can enjoy.