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Which Potty Training Pants should I buy?

It is starting to warm up outside and I can’t say it enough, “I am so glad!”  I personally have had enough of the cold weather and am loving the warm days that we are having at this time.  Due to the warming up of the weather, I am receiving more phone calls than usual,  from parents that are preparing themselves for the wonderful process called “Potty Training“.  The main topic seems to be “Which Training Pants should I buy?”

Most of them are aware already, that going from the paper product pull-ups to cotton training pants, is the first step to potty training.  The pull-ups are designed to keep the child as dry as possible no matter how many times they have accidents in them.  They wick away the moisture from the child’s bottom.  The cotton training pants on the other hand, will make the child feel wet and hopefully uncomfortable, so that they will be motivated to go to the potty in order to stay dry.  We can only hope!

We at RNK carry several kinds of training pants.  Our cotton training pants are thicker than most brands that you can buy in the stores and are available in blue (Potty Scotty) print,  Pink (Potty Patty) print, solid white and some colorful prints as well.  These training pants are designed to catch most of an accident in the thick center portion of the training pant but may not contain all of it.  Should you want help in containing most, if not all of the accident (and I say most because there are some accidents that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t contain all of it),  we recommend that you also use our waterproof pull-on pants to go over the top of them.  (Our pull on pants are not vinyl but are made out of a special waterproof PUL fabric, so you do not hear the rustling like the vinyl ones.)

Should you decide to use the cotton training pants, you will find that they are wonderful because once the child is potty trained, the training pant can also be used like regular underwear.  Be prepared because there will be many times that your child will wait until the last minute to go to the potty.   As they hurry on the way there, they may tinkle just a bit before reaching the potty.  Using this thicker cotton training pant should absorb that slight accident so that it does not go through to their clothing. and therefore saving them from an embarrassing moment.

2in1-Training-Pants-Scotty2_600x6002in1-Waterproof-Training-Pants-Patty_600x600If you do not like having to work with 2 separate items, then our 2-in-1 training pants are more for you.  They give you the convenience of the cotton training pant and the waterproof pull-on all built into one.  These are for daytime potty training just as the cotton training pants are.  They also come in the Blue Potty Scotty and Pink Potty Patty prints.

Bamboo-Waterproof-Training-Pants_600x600Minky-Waterproof-Training-Pants_600x600We have recently introduced some of our new waterproof training pants to our site.  These training pants come in a variety of prints but stand out because the outer PUL fabric is made up of 2 very special materials (bamboo and a very soft minky fabric).  All our waterproof training pants are perfect for potty training your child.

Night-Time-Training-Pants-n_600x600Once your child is day potty trained, you will have to watch for signs that will let you know that they are ready for night time training.  One of the most important signs to look for is that your child is waking up dry or almost dry several days out of the week.  This should be a sign that his/her little bladder has gained enough strength to hold it most, if not all night long until morning.  Once the child has showed this sign, you might want to try our night time training pants.  They are a little bulkier than the day time training pants because night time accidents are usually heavier than those during the day.  For easy night time changing, they are manufactured with 2 sets of snaps down both sides.  The second set of snaps also gives you the ability to increase or decrease the waist size of the training pant.

I strongly suggest that you use not just the weight chart that you see on the site but the measurement chart as well.  Using both increases the chance that the training pants will fit your child.  Good luck with your potty training days ahead and call me should you need any further assistance.



New Low Pricing!!!!!

Everyone loves to hear about money saving deals.  Well, RNK Innovations is proud to announce the new pricing on the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Potty Chairs and Potty Seats.


These Potty Chairs are perfect for parents who are looking for basic potty training solution.  $19.95   Now: $12.95 for a limited time.

The chairs are designed low to the ground mimicking a natural squatting position which can allow easier bowel movements. The chairs have cutouts on the front and sides for lifting, are easy to clean, and have built in high splash guards to help stop messes.

They also have smooth edges to ensure no poking or pinching your little ones thighs and are lightweight making them portable.  (Dimensions: 14″L x 9.5″W x 9.5″H)


These Riding Potty Chairs are perfect for parents looking to make the potty training experience more inviting and fun for their child. The fun design can help your toddler feel less intimidated by the potty training process.   $27.95   Now: $19.95 for a limited time.

The potty chairs look like rabbits, have two handle bars to hold onto, and a rolling ball that rattles which can keep your child occupied while on the potty!!

These potty chairs have high, built in splash guards to help reduce messes, high backrests for comfortable seating, are made of durable, PVC-free recyclable plastic, and are available in multiple colors.  (Dimensions: 16″ long X 9″ wide X 12″ high)


http://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/Scotty-Musical-Chair.htmlhttp://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/Patty-Musical-Chair.htmlThis Musical Potty Chair is made for toddler girls and boys learning to go potty. When the musical sensor detects moisture in the potty bowl, it will play the classic favorite children’s tune, “It’s a Small World”. This makes going to the potty fun for children, and easy for parents since the reward system is built right in. The music motivates the child to go potty so that they can hear the song and receive their reward.   $19.95    Now: $13.95 for a limited time.



The Potty Scotty Toilet Seat II is designed to fit between the toilet and the toilet seat – thus does not move at all.

It reduces the size of the opening and it is shaped like a comfortable toilet seat with a high back that will provide support for the child’s back.

This Scotty Seat II has a nice, high splash guard for little boys to help reduce messes. Very few potty seats on the market today have a comparable splash guard.

This Potty Scotty Seat II will fit most toilet seats.  $16.95    Now: $9.95 for limited time.




The Pooping Doll!!

I recently ran across Pooping Kong suni, the Korean Doll that passes gas and also “poops”.  Ok, so I know what you’re thinking…. she poops?!!! Well, not literally; the doll comes with a toilet that has a poo graphic in the bottom of the bowl that flips over when you flush it. I’ve never seen pooting and pooping made to look so….dare I say cute?  They even put a happy face on the poo!! LOL


As funny as I think this is, I can’t deny the fact that it is similar to our anatomically correct drink and wet potty training dolls Potty Scotty and Potty Patty. At the end of the day all of the dolls are geared to teach children how to use the restroom by simulation.

If it takes a doll like this to get the little ones to poop, then I’m all for it!!



Time is running out!

Potty-Watch-1 Many of our Moms are preparing their children for pre-school and guess what, one of the requirements is that your child must be potty trained!!  It seems that I have received more phone calls lately and emails regarding their children not telling them when it is time to potty.  At this age, we find that children will not want to stop playing with their toys, watching their favorite programs, or come in from outside and take the potty break that they so need to take.  The outcome of this, a potty accident of course.


Potty Watch 1

Children get so involved in what they are doing and their little bladders are just not developed enough to hold it in until they get where they are going.  They just seem to wait too long before they decide they need to go to the potty.  An easy way to resolve this is with our Potty Watches.  The alarms are made to go off regularly, therefore reminding the child to go to the potty on a regular schedule without having to be told.


WobL-Watch-Pink-2The way it works is like this.  You set the watch, let say for 30 minutes.  Every 30 minutes the watch alarm will sound off or vibrate to remind your child that it is time to go to the potty.  Once the child has perfected going every 30 minutes without an accident, you will need to increase the time between bathroom visits by setting the alarm to once every hour.  Doing this will allow his bladder to strengthen and you should see him go longer and longer between bathroom runs.  Some of them are very inexpensive and some kids just love to wear them.  What do you have to lose?

Deals and Steals

Who doesn’t like to shop and save money?  With the economy the way that it is, everyone is out looking to save money in some way.  We have a section on our sites called Deals and Steals.  There you will find our Sale Items, Clearance, and our Bundled Savings Items.  These 3 sections will help save you money and you will find that there is something on sale, not just for the kids but items that will benefit adults as well.  ( You really need to check out our Mom sections and our Personalization sections.)

SaleClearanceBundled Savings







We have sections on our site that will feature some of our products, show you our new products and give you an idea of what our best sellers are.  So first buyer or not, this page changes at least once a month.  Check it out and see what is new.  You never know what you will find!

Featured ProductsNew ProductsBest Sellers

Lowest Training Pant Price Ever!

Hot Summer SaleFor weeks now, we have been talking about how it is summertime and it is time for potty training. Well, I can’t think of a better time for us to have a SALE on our Potty Scotty Cotton Training PantsPotty Patty Cotton Training Pants, Potty Scotty 2 in 1 Waterproof Training Pants and our Potty Patty 2 in 1 Training PantsWe are offering you the lowest price that we have ever offered any of our online customers!!!  Take advantage of the savings while you can, because we do not know how long it will last!!!!!

Our cotton training pants are designed to be thicker than the store brands that you buy at your local department store.  The come in a blue image of Potty Scotty and in a pink image of Potty Patty.  They are individually packaged for your convenience,  to make it easier for you to try one on without opening the whole package should you need to return or exchange them for a different size.

We are also extending this savings on our 2 in 1 waterproof training pants.  These training pants are totally convenient for the parent on the go.  Since they are 2 training pants in one (cotton training pants with the waterproof outer layer), the buy parent does not have to worry about packing 2 different types of training pants but they are re-assured that their child is protected should they not quite make it to the potty while they are out.

We welcome you to visit our sites, Potty Training Concepts and Baby N Toddler to check out the special pricing on our cotton training pants and waterproof training pants!!  Don’t miss this special pricing opportunity!!!  Don’t wait they are moving fast!!!!




International Shipping- What you should know!

International ShippingIt is summertime and potty training is on everyone’s mind, especially if they have a child that is of potty training age.  I have received several phone calls and emails this week concerning International Shipping and custom fees.  It seems like here lately, more and more of the packages that are leaving the country are receiving some type of custom charges.  One thing that you should be aware of, is that not all companies include custom charges in their shipping price.  Our policy, for example, clearly states that all custom fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  If you are placing an order and you know that it is an International order, please read the shipping policy before placing it.

The other most asked question this week has been, “How long will it take for my package to arrive if shipped to ??????”  The answer is that it depends on what shipping method you choose.  USPS takes about 2-6 weeks to arrive at its destination.  FedEx on the other hand, delivers in about 1-2 weeks.  The choice is all yours because either way, they both take your package through customs.

And finally, for those of you who like to track your package, you should know that FedEx is insured and  will allow you to have tracking until the time the package is delivered while USPS carries no insurance on your package and will only give you tracking information up to the time that your package hits customs.  All I can say is choose wisely!

Ready, Aim and Fire!!! Hit the Target!!

As a mom, I know that potty training boys is not fun.  They can’t always seem to tinkle directly in the toilet, whether they are sitting or standing.  We spend just as much time cleaning as we do potty training.  I know when I was raising my boys, it would have been nice to have had some of the things that they have come up with now.

Red and white toilet targetIf you are teaching your child to tinkle standing up, we carry a couple of products that you might be interested in.  The first one is called “Potty Training Targets”  and I must say they look just like a target.  Well, all except for the cute little smiley face in the middle! He is just adorable.  You get 50 of these targets in the package and they are very easy to use.  All you have to do is take one and place it in the toilet.  Your child then takes aim and tries to hit therefore keeping his tinkle all in the toilet.  Once he is done, you just simply flush and you are all done.  No fuss and hopefully, no mess to clean up either.



Potty Scotty-Patty TargetsThe other toilet target, that I would like to share with you is the “Toilet Time Targets” by Potty Scotty/Potty Patty .  Twenty layers of different colored tissue paper are die cut into five different shaped targets.  You can place 5 or 6 of these in the toilet and let your child aim for them.  (These are also flush-able.)   Toilet training with “Toilet – Time Targets” not only builds your child’s confidence and independence but can be used to teach them animal shapes and colors.  And if little sister doesn’t want to feel left out, we have some for her as well.  She goes to the potty as usual (she doesn’t stand up, though LOL!)   and gets excited because she can hit them as well.  Yeah!

What a way to make toilet training fun and hopefully less messy for you!  Give them a try!!

4 Reasons to Use a Potty Chart

Potty Patty Training ChartThe key to potty training is to stay positive with your child and to be consistent.  Easier said than done because there are times during this process, that we ourselves would like to just throw up our hands and retreat!  If we feel that way, how do the children feel when they don’t always get the potty training process right?  How do they feel when they do?

It is at this time that we should use a potty chart!  A potty chart is a good means of rewarding the child without filling them full of candy or other sweets.

There are 4 good reasons to use a potty chart.

1.  A Potty Chart is a wonderful way to show the child, the progress that he/she is making with their potty training.  They can physically see what they have done and what they still need work on, to become the potty training graduate!

Potty Scotty Training Chart2.  It is a great motivator for the child.  Some children are motivated to go to the potty, because they love receiving the sticker on the chart.  To us, it is nothing more than a mere sticker but to them, it stands for something so much more.  In their little minds, it could mean being a super hero who is attempting to conquer the evil porcelain throne.  Okay, so that might be a little far stretched but you get the picture.

3.  Besides being a great motivator, the potty chart is an awesome way to show encouragement and praise.  For every sticker that the child places on the chart, it is telling them that they have done a good job and that you are proud of them.  It encourages them not to give up but to reach that goal of being diaper free and into big boy/big girl underwear.

4.  And  now for number 4, the chart becomes the child’s trophy, something that will help them to show off all their accomplishments.  Now who doesn’t like to show off!  They will tell you all about it for hours if you let them!


Visual Aids


Potty training is not something that any of us look forward to.  Sometimes when we are ready to begin the process, we find that the children are not, but that is okay.  It all works out in the end.  The one thing to remember is that all children learn differently.  Some will catch on to the process in a blink of an eye, well not quite that quick, but you know what I mean.  And then there are others who do not learn as easily or are more strong willed and fight the change in their little lives.  And then you have those that have a harder time in grasping the concept,  so for them we offer the Potty Patty Doll and the Potty Scotty Doll to help them with their learning and thought processes.

These dolls come anatomically correct and go on command, unlike some of the other potty training dolls that are out on the market.  They make wonderful visual aids for children who learn quicker by seeing and by participating.  The child will enjoy taking the doll and sitting it on the potty, then the doll will do its job, and use the potty on command when her leg is squeezed. Voile!!  After doing this several times, the child will begin to see that their is a routine to this process and that this is how it is all supposed to work.  The dolls come equipped with 2 bottles and 3 training pants of their own ( just in case they have an accident and need to be changed).