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New Low Pricing!!!!!

Everyone loves to hear about money saving deals.  Well, RNK Innovations is proud to announce the new pricing on the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Potty Chairs and Potty Seats.


These Potty Chairs are perfect for parents who are looking for basic potty training solution.  $19.95   Now: $12.95 for a limited time.

The chairs are designed low to the ground mimicking a natural squatting position which can allow easier bowel movements. The chairs have cutouts on the front and sides for lifting, are easy to clean, and have built in high splash guards to help stop messes.

They also have smooth edges to ensure no poking or pinching your little ones thighs and are lightweight making them portable.  (Dimensions: 14″L x 9.5″W x 9.5″H)


These Riding Potty Chairs are perfect for parents looking to make the potty training experience more inviting and fun for their child. The fun design can help your toddler feel less intimidated by the potty training process.   $27.95   Now: $19.95 for a limited time.

The potty chairs look like rabbits, have two handle bars to hold onto, and a rolling ball that rattles which can keep your child occupied while on the potty!!

These potty chairs have high, built in splash guards to help reduce messes, high backrests for comfortable seating, are made of durable, PVC-free recyclable plastic, and are available in multiple colors.  (Dimensions: 16″ long X 9″ wide X 12″ high)


http://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/Scotty-Musical-Chair.htmlhttp://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/Patty-Musical-Chair.htmlThis Musical Potty Chair is made for toddler girls and boys learning to go potty. When the musical sensor detects moisture in the potty bowl, it will play the classic favorite children’s tune, “It’s a Small World”. This makes going to the potty fun for children, and easy for parents since the reward system is built right in. The music motivates the child to go potty so that they can hear the song and receive their reward.   $19.95    Now: $13.95 for a limited time.



The Potty Scotty Toilet Seat II is designed to fit between the toilet and the toilet seat – thus does not move at all.

It reduces the size of the opening and it is shaped like a comfortable toilet seat with a high back that will provide support for the child’s back.

This Scotty Seat II has a nice, high splash guard for little boys to help reduce messes. Very few potty seats on the market today have a comparable splash guard.

This Potty Scotty Seat II will fit most toilet seats.  $16.95    Now: $9.95 for limited time.




Potty Training- Holiday Gift Idea

z-prince froggy chairz-Sea rocking chairWith summer now almost over and school beginning, it is time to focus on the holidays.  If your child , your grandchild, niece, or nephew is potty training age, why not consider getting them a gift that they can pass down from generation to generation.  You might take the time to look at our wooden potty chairs.   These chairs make the children feel like they are sitting in a chair and get this, some of them come as rocking chairs!  These chairs are larger than some of the regular potty chairs that you might find in the regular stores.  You might even consider having them personalized with the child’s name and making it more of a personal gift.

z-urine deflectorz-potty chamber potI couldn’t tell you how many phone calls I receive, wanting to know if we carry a potty seat that has a urine deflector that is higher than what the potty seats carry.  The wooden potty chair does!!!!!  And guess what,  we even carry the replacement chamber pots and the urine deflectors that should fit most wooden potty chairs!

z-wood step stoolz-princess and frog step stoolz-sunny safari step stoolAnother holiday gift idea for you to think about purchasing, whether they are potty training or not, is our wooden step stools.  These can be used anytime, in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.  These too can also be personalized to give the child a little more feeling of ownership.  Every child needs help at one time or another reaching up to get something down.  Step stools can be used to help a child feel secure once they start using the adult potty and it gives them a place to put their feet so that the feet are not just dangling.  If the feet are dangling, it gives them a sense sometimes that they might fall in.  This can be a very scary feeling for a child and it does not help with their potty training at all.

So there is no time like the present to start your holiday shopping!!  Have fun!!!

Potties can travel!

Summer has officially begun!!  School is out for some and soon will be for others.   It is a time for family fun and vacations but it is also a time when our Potty Training moms go into a PANIC.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Travel time always means you hear the words “I need to go Potty!”  more often than you would like. So be ready for them, stay one step ahead and enjoy your family time together.

Just because you are out and about does not mean that potty training comes to a halt or that you have to be imprisoned in your home.  There is a variety of products that you can choose from, to help make traveling with a toddler easier.  From Travel Potty Chairs to Disposable Potty Chairs and even folding potty seats, all these items make vacation time a little more bearable, fun and convenient.

So remember, when they yell out “I have to go to the Potty!” , just whip one out for them!  No worries!  Enjoy this summer!!

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P.S. While you are on vacation, don’t forget to take along some disposable toilet seat covers!  Not all bathrooms are as clean as yours.

Summer Time = Tinkle Time

Potty Training Diva

Potty Training Diva

Summer is right around the corner and we here in the potty training world call this season Tinkle Time. Parents of toddlers all around the country unite with their potty paraphernalia they have been collecting since making that New Year’s Resolution to conquer potty training. Children are sent out in the backyard, bare bottoms blazing, and nature is getting a little extra “sprinkle” to help it grow.

So, if you are just now thinking about Tinkle Time then what does that mean? Are you behind the type A moms? Is it too late to start? Not at all! All you need is to be armed with the basics and you too can enjoy Tinkle Time.

The first thing is to make sure your little one is ready. Do you see signs he/she is ready to conquer this big independence? Are they communicating about using the potty? Curious about the bathroom? Follow directions? Able to sit on a potty for a short length of time? And here’s is the big question….Are you (parents) ready with patience and understanding to potty train?  In potty training it definitely takes a village, and sometimes help from mall security, but that’s a different blog.

If you’ve got most of these areas as a yes, then take a deep breath, let’s all hold hands, and here we go!

With any new venture shopping is a must.   So, what does your Tinkle Time Tool Belt need?

First thing, move away from the pull ups! Get you some good absorbent training pants. If you don’t want the mess, then training pants called waterproof 2in1 or buy the waterproof pull ons that go over the training pants. Using pull ups are like training in diapers, they work opposite than training pants and your child will not understand why they need to use the bathroom because they do not feel wet or uncomfortable.  Besides, they are use to going in their diaper so there’s no big difference.  So, to avoid looking all kinds of crazy to your kids, invest in reusable training pants.

The next thing is arm yourself with a fun potty chair. Yes, our society has gone all kinds of pee pee dance crazy with the variety of potty chairs that are available, but toddlers are a stubborn bunch so just go with the flow. If your child is in love with the color blue then go with a  blue potty chair .  Same goes for our girly girls who only want a pink potty chair.  If they are character driven, then Mickey Mouse or Dora will rule your world for a while. Whatever it is…do not say no! Motivation is key.

Next is the dangling carrot. I’m not known for being too PC so I call it bribery. In our PC world it is better known as incentives. Whatever you want to call it, Get It. This step is imperative for a toddler. They are ruled by what do I get. Now, if you have raised the appreciative, most polite, grateful toddler that will perform just for the pee pee dance alone, then I bow down to you. However, if not, then stock your potty tool belt with a plethora of spoils. Stickers, small toys, candy, whatever motivates your little one.  Get it and a lot of it.  Mix and match, keep it interesting, but dangle that carrot.

Those really are the 3 must have things you need to start your own Tinkle Time Experience.  Books, DVD, Potty Dolls, are all just icing on the cake.   The most important thing to remember is there is no timeline.  Your toddler may be bare bottom in the grass for a day, a week, a month or even the whole summer before you can check off potty training in the baby book milestone section, but it will eventually happen.  So, go out in the yard and play with your little one and enjoy Tinkle Time too.


Potty Training Girl

Public Potty Training

Have a private potty party

Oh no, here we go again.

Back in September 2012 A public potty training toddler was caught in the news. This public potty training moment hit the mainstream media fast and hard. This Utah mom took multitasking to a whole new level. While her naked toddler bellied up to the table in a crowded popular deli munching on lunch, mom took that as a great potty training moment. The bonus was that the potty chair got to double as a booster seat.

Win/win right? Not so much.

So, if the public blasting of the naked potty training girl wasn’t enough parental shame now we have the Hudson River Potty Boy.  The story goes this was the nanny that did the public expo of a private deed, but still, not cool.   The upside is this poor boy at least wasn’t stripped down to his birthday suit like his Utah counterpart.  However, again, this potty exposure experience was done in a food area with people around.  I’m sorry but this is gross.

Potty training is hard, I get that.  Some potty trainers even have their little ones on a schedule, not gonna argue that point either.  I like schedules.  Many little toddlers even sport those super cute potty watches.  So, not only are they smartly accessorized but potty training can happen every half hour on the ding.  Stop, drop, and get your potty on!  That’s a potty party in my book.

But here’s the deal, if you are in your own house and want to potty train at the dining room table with the whole family gathered, go right ahead.  But when you step outside of your house you should never ever subject the public to this private moment nor should you subject your poor little innocent toddler to public potty humiliation.   Just because you are armed with a travel potty chair does not give you a license to potty train at your whim.   To prevent random urination restaurants, stores, even most public parks have nicely provided the public with restrooms.  So, take a clue, grab you a travel potty seat, they fold up nicely in a purse or diaper bag, and use that public restroom provided, please!

One last thought, last I knew public urination was against the law just about everywhere (except maybe camping).  So, don’t sent your toddler up for that dash cam moment of getting caught as a young teen peeing on the side of a building or in the bushes and not understanding when those red and blue likes flicker they just committed a public offense.

Just saying.