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Busy Days at RNK!!!

Last week was full of SUPER busy days at RNK Innovations. Our Baby Milano personalized 10 oz sippy cups and personalized 12 oz snack containers were featured on Zulily in their Daycare Essentials sale!!

Usually camo is our most popular pattern, but to our surprise pink leopard was the runaway hit!! We really do love making products personalized especially for you, and the idea that each of the toddlers who gets these will feel special just warms my heart!!

We offered Zulily customers a choice of the following sippy cups and matching snack containers:



Examples of How to use Iron On Sheets

Now available from RNK – printed iron on sheets – in many different classic and stylish prints AND in your choice of colors!

QUESTION: What can I do with these iron on sheets?

ANSWER: Use your creativity and imagination to design and cut some beautiful personalized gifts for your friends and family.

You can use a pair of scissors, or a hobby cutter like the Cricut, Silhoutte  or the Stika to cut our your design and decorate most fabrics!

Below are pictures to show you the various ways we have used the iron on sheets.

Hounds Tooth Shirt

Houndtooth Print for Men?

Hounds Tooth ShirtHere at RNK Innovations, we love making creating products for children. Our newest line of products consists of prints – and so we have a lot of discussions about fashion and what is in, what isn’t – what is considered classic, what is considered stylish, what is perfect for little boys and what works for little girls.  We end up having a lot of heated discussions about what prints work what genders.  We end up having discussions about whether boys could wear zebra print and if a mother would consider pink for her boys and it goes on!  We end up agreeing to disagree!

So our dear Danessa blogged about Men’s Fashion a week or two ago.  We all could not believe what we saw.  Was it real was the question. Yes it was!

Hounds Tooth Shirt for Men

So earlier this week, I am eating breakfast and start flipping through my son’s GQ Magazine that is sitting on the table and long behold what do I see?  A man wearing a hounds tooth shirt!!  It is in an ad for Steven Land and available at Suitsuonline.com – (nice catchy name!).  I bring my magazine to work because this is definitely worth a blog post.

As I am writing this post – I go to Steven Land and to Suitsuonline.com to see what they have – and decide that I actually like this look on men.

My vote – YES – done right – hounds tooth looks great on men!

What do your think??