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Silver Glitter

Glitter…Gotta Love It!!

If you ask anyone at RNK what I love to decorate my shirts with, they’ll tell you GLITTER!!

My Love Affair with glitter began after I made a shirt for myself with the RNK logo in Pink Glitter on it, and we’ve been going strong ever since.

My favorite thing about our Glitter Iron Ons  is that they give texture and glitter glam to any design!! I’ve washed my shirts at least 25 times and the glitter hasn’t dulled!!!

You can find Glitter Iron Letters, Glitter Iron On Monograms, Glitter Iron On Names, and Custom Glitter Iron Ons on our sites.

If you’re like me and love custom designs you can email us our Customer Service with any questions.

Although pictures cannot truly display how beautiful glitter looks, here are few examples of Custom Glitter Iron Ons.




Realtree Pink Camo Onesie

101 Ways to Personalize a Onesie

We’ve all been there, we have a friend or family member who has a new baby that we need to buy a gift for and we want to dazzle the mother AND the crowd of on-lookers.

Well I’ve got a list of 101, YES, 101 Ways to Personalize a Onesie. These are perfect gifts to give because they are cute, thoughtful, and inexpensive.

There are so many ways to personalize a onesie from names, phrases, or graphics, to rhinestones,  embroidery, glitter, sparkle, and more.

I’ll take you on a journey through some of my favorite ones and maybe you’ll find a few that you love too!! Now without further ado….

1. Personalized Realtree Camo Onesie

Realtree Camo is one of the most popular camouflage prints out there today and it looks adorable on a onesie!! It comes in green camo and pink camo.

The onesie costs $15.95 and only $10 more to add embroidered personalization.

Personalized Camo OnesiePersonalize Pink Camo Onesie








It has all the usual perks of a comfortable onesie with a wide neck, short sleeves, and three snaps, PLUS personalization, AND with Realtree Camo print.  All rolled together into one great gift idea for UNDER $30!!



Blingly, yet professional shirt for a Periodontist!

Blingy and Sexy Shirt for a Periodontist

Blingy and Sexy Shirt for my Periodontist!

I was visiting my periodontist – Dr. Gina Bonaventura (I highly recommend her – she is wonderful!) and I was wearing my multi media “LOVE PINK” shirt.  She admired it and we got talking about shirts.

She told me that she and her staff wore “Blingy” T-Shirts on Friday – so when I got back to the office – I got thinking about how can you make a periodontist’s tshirt that is blingly, yet professional enough to be worn while seeing patients AND is also pretty and girly?

This is the design I came up with and am planning to drop the shirt off for her later this week!! Am looking forward to her expression!

The shirt is a basic short sleeve black shirt for women that we carry.  The Pearland Periodontics is done in pink glitter, while the tooth has been done in silver glitter.

Silver Glitter

Silver Glitter

If you love glitter – then you will want to browse our shop by glitter section.

We do custom shirts – one for yourself and a bunch for you and your staff or girlfriends!  Give us a call with your ideas and we will design a shirt just for you!