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Potty Training- Holiday Gift Idea

z-prince froggy chairz-Sea rocking chairWith summer now almost over and school beginning, it is time to focus on the holidays.  If your child , your grandchild, niece, or nephew is potty training age, why not consider getting them a gift that they can pass down from generation to generation.  You might take the time to look at our wooden potty chairs.   These chairs make the children feel like they are sitting in a chair and get this, some of them come as rocking chairs!  These chairs are larger than some of the regular potty chairs that you might find in the regular stores.  You might even consider having them personalized with the child’s name and making it more of a personal gift.

z-urine deflectorz-potty chamber potI couldn’t tell you how many phone calls I receive, wanting to know if we carry a potty seat that has a urine deflector that is higher than what the potty seats carry.  The wooden potty chair does!!!!!  And guess what,  we even carry the replacement chamber pots and the urine deflectors that should fit most wooden potty chairs!

z-wood step stoolz-princess and frog step stoolz-sunny safari step stoolAnother holiday gift idea for you to think about purchasing, whether they are potty training or not, is our wooden step stools.  These can be used anytime, in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.  These too can also be personalized to give the child a little more feeling of ownership.  Every child needs help at one time or another reaching up to get something down.  Step stools can be used to help a child feel secure once they start using the adult potty and it gives them a place to put their feet so that the feet are not just dangling.  If the feet are dangling, it gives them a sense sometimes that they might fall in.  This can be a very scary feeling for a child and it does not help with their potty training at all.

So there is no time like the present to start your holiday shopping!!  Have fun!!!

Zebra Print & AKA….Only at RNK!!!

This weekend is the  81st South Central Regional Conference  for the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha and we thought it would be fun to add an animal print to the signature colors pink and green to create a new Zebra Print & AKA Collection for all the women who love to show their AKA pride!!

Here are some of the newest products we have created. They are truly unique and only found here at RNK!!


Some little girls are born to become AKAs, and our cute Future AKA Onesie , Frilled SkirtPantsBib, and Baby Beanie Hat say so!!

We also have drinkware and snackware for the Future AKAs!!


Our car skins are perfect for a big event like homecoming or a parade where you want to temporarily decorate a vehicle.

They are easy to apply and easy to remove and won’t leave a sticky residue.  You can even reuse later!!! Just peel it off, place it back on the liner sheet and store.

Make your car or truck REALLY stand out in the crowd!! Check out our AKA SHOP for more.



Sweetheart of a Shirt

Front of Payton’s Shirt

Back of Payton’s Shirt

I had a very busy weekend but it was all good.  Yesterday, I didn’t feel well and had to skip a meeting with the T-ball team that my husband is helping to coach.  The only child that we know on the team is Payton.  Payton is a little girl that I had the pleasure of caring for from the time that she was 3 months old until last year when she became of age to go to preschool.  She and I bonded and went through all the wonderful stages of teething, crawling, standing, walking and of course potty training!!!  It has been almost a year now since I came back to work, but my “Pay” has not forgotten me. She sent me a brownie and 2 craft items that she had made all by herself to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day!  What a sweetheart!  I decided I would have the girls at work help me to personalize a shirt just for her, to show her how much I love her and this is what we came up with.  What do you think?  Do you think she will like it?

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!!!