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Personalized Bedding for Toddlers, Teens, & Adults

We are in the process of adding  personalized products to our site Baby ‘N’ Toddler, and the newest set of goodies we have are Personalized Bedding for Toddlers, Teens, and Adults!!! Now that the holiday season is nearing us, it would be the perfect time to order.

The variety is great and the options are almost endless. You can purchase exactly what we have, or you can create your very own CUSTOM bedding set. Check out some of the bedding sets we have available today!! We also have personalized pillowcases that you can mix and match with the bedding sets, or purchase separately.

If you have any questions about creating a custom bedding set ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, fill out the form below the pictures or give us a call at 281485-3351.

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Eye Catcher’s!

Jacket baseball car skin

Jacket Baseball Car Skin


Boo's Fan club

Personalized Yellowjacket Car Skin

Spring is here and so is Baseball season!  Everyone is going out to the fields to watch the games and cheer the teams on to victory.  My co-workers thought it would be a great idea to dress up my truck with some of our new items, to help me show my team spirit.  Afterall, you can’t be a Baseball Mom and not be all decked out!!

My son, Joey plays for Alvin High School and they know what a big fan I am, not just of him but the team as well.  They designed a car skin for my truck that says, “Boo’s Fan Club”.  (Boo is what we nicknamed my son many years ago.)  It looks awesome and it does catch everyone’s eye when I drive by.  Then on the back of the tailgate so that all can see, they placed one that says “Jacket Baseball” on it.  They can not see me on the road without knowing that I am an Alvin Yellowjacket fan!


Alvin Yellowjacket Window Decal

But they didn’t stop their, they even created a decal for my back window.  What’s next, I wonder?  Guess we will all have to wait and see, what other creations they can come up with.









Realtree Pink Camo Onesie

101 Ways to Personalize a Onesie

We’ve all been there, we have a friend or family member who has a new baby that we need to buy a gift for and we want to dazzle the mother AND the crowd of on-lookers.

Well I’ve got a list of 101, YES, 101 Ways to Personalize a Onesie. These are perfect gifts to give because they are cute, thoughtful, and inexpensive.

There are so many ways to personalize a onesie from names, phrases, or graphics, to rhinestones,  embroidery, glitter, sparkle, and more.

I’ll take you on a journey through some of my favorite ones and maybe you’ll find a few that you love too!! Now without further ado….

1. Personalized Realtree Camo Onesie

Realtree Camo is one of the most popular camouflage prints out there today and it looks adorable on a onesie!! It comes in green camo and pink camo.

The onesie costs $15.95 and only $10 more to add embroidered personalization.

Personalized Camo OnesiePersonalize Pink Camo Onesie








It has all the usual perks of a comfortable onesie with a wide neck, short sleeves, and three snaps, PLUS personalization, AND with Realtree Camo print.  All rolled together into one great gift idea for UNDER $30!!



Blingly, yet professional shirt for a Periodontist!

Blingy and Sexy Shirt for a Periodontist

Blingy and Sexy Shirt for my Periodontist!

I was visiting my periodontist – Dr. Gina Bonaventura (I highly recommend her – she is wonderful!) and I was wearing my multi media “LOVE PINK” shirt.  She admired it and we got talking about shirts.

She told me that she and her staff wore “Blingy” T-Shirts on Friday – so when I got back to the office – I got thinking about how can you make a periodontist’s tshirt that is blingly, yet professional enough to be worn while seeing patients AND is also pretty and girly?

This is the design I came up with and am planning to drop the shirt off for her later this week!! Am looking forward to her expression!

The shirt is a basic short sleeve black shirt for women that we carry.  The Pearland Periodontics is done in pink glitter, while the tooth has been done in silver glitter.

Silver Glitter

Silver Glitter

If you love glitter – then you will want to browse our shop by glitter section.

We do custom shirts – one for yourself and a bunch for you and your staff or girlfriends!  Give us a call with your ideas and we will design a shirt just for you!