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Eye Catcher’s!

Jacket baseball car skin

Jacket Baseball Car Skin


Boo's Fan club

Personalized Yellowjacket Car Skin

Spring is here and so is Baseball season!  Everyone is going out to the fields to watch the games and cheer the teams on to victory.  My co-workers thought it would be a great idea to dress up my truck with some of our new items, to help me show my team spirit.  Afterall, you can’t be a Baseball Mom and not be all decked out!!

My son, Joey plays for Alvin High School and they know what a big fan I am, not just of him but the team as well.  They designed a car skin for my truck that says, “Boo’s Fan Club”.  (Boo is what we nicknamed my son many years ago.)  It looks awesome and it does catch everyone’s eye when I drive by.  Then on the back of the tailgate so that all can see, they placed one that says “Jacket Baseball” on it.  They can not see me on the road without knowing that I am an Alvin Yellowjacket fan!


Alvin Yellowjacket Window Decal

But they didn’t stop their, they even created a decal for my back window.  What’s next, I wonder?  Guess we will all have to wait and see, what other creations they can come up with.









Zebra Print & AKA….Only at RNK!!!

This weekend is the  81st South Central Regional Conference  for the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha and we thought it would be fun to add an animal print to the signature colors pink and green to create a new Zebra Print & AKA Collection for all the women who love to show their AKA pride!!

Here are some of the newest products we have created. They are truly unique and only found here at RNK!!


Some little girls are born to become AKAs, and our cute Future AKA Onesie , Frilled SkirtPantsBib, and Baby Beanie Hat say so!!

We also have drinkware and snackware for the Future AKAs!!


Our car skins are perfect for a big event like homecoming or a parade where you want to temporarily decorate a vehicle.

They are easy to apply and easy to remove and won’t leave a sticky residue.  You can even reuse later!!! Just peel it off, place it back on the liner sheet and store.

Make your car or truck REALLY stand out in the crowd!! Check out our AKA SHOP for more.



New Product Alert: JAGS Car Skins

At RNK we all know its cheer season when we see our resident Cheer Mom Tina getting into JAGS spirit mode.

Her daughter’s team is headed to Nationals soon and all the moms are looking for new and exciting ways to show their team spirit.

Over the past year they have decorated their cars with Rhinestone Car Decals and have also worn the JAGS personalized T-shirts we customized for them.

We wanted to go beyond the usual so we created  personalized JAGS Car Skins. The car skin is a perfect way to temporarily decorate vehicles.

The adhesive is strong, removable, and repositionable. This allows you take it off of your vehicle then  reapply later!!!

Tina and I worked together to apply it to her car and voile here is the final outcome!!! The look on Tina’s face was priceless.

I can’t wait to see what the JAGS caravan will look like once we have completed all the personalized Car Skins
we are making for the other team members.

UPDATE: Tina was able to transfer her Car Skin from her car to her husband’s truck!!