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Summer Time = Tinkle Time

Potty Training Diva

Potty Training Diva

Summer is right around the corner and we here in the potty training world call this season Tinkle Time. Parents of toddlers all around the country unite with their potty paraphernalia they have been collecting since making that New Year’s Resolution to conquer potty training. Children are sent out in the backyard, bare bottoms blazing, and nature is getting a little extra “sprinkle” to help it grow.

So, if you are just now thinking about Tinkle Time then what does that mean? Are you behind the type A moms? Is it too late to start? Not at all! All you need is to be armed with the basics and you too can enjoy Tinkle Time.

The first thing is to make sure your little one is ready. Do you see signs he/she is ready to conquer this big independence? Are they communicating about using the potty? Curious about the bathroom? Follow directions? Able to sit on a potty for a short length of time? And here’s is the big question….Are you (parents) ready with patience and understanding to potty train?  In potty training it definitely takes a village, and sometimes help from mall security, but that’s a different blog.

If you’ve got most of these areas as a yes, then take a deep breath, let’s all hold hands, and here we go!

With any new venture shopping is a must.   So, what does your Tinkle Time Tool Belt need?

First thing, move away from the pull ups! Get you some good absorbent training pants. If you don’t want the mess, then training pants called waterproof 2in1 or buy the waterproof pull ons that go over the training pants. Using pull ups are like training in diapers, they work opposite than training pants and your child will not understand why they need to use the bathroom because they do not feel wet or uncomfortable.  Besides, they are use to going in their diaper so there’s no big difference.  So, to avoid looking all kinds of crazy to your kids, invest in reusable training pants.

The next thing is arm yourself with a fun potty chair. Yes, our society has gone all kinds of pee pee dance crazy with the variety of potty chairs that are available, but toddlers are a stubborn bunch so just go with the flow. If your child is in love with the color blue then go with a  blue potty chair .  Same goes for our girly girls who only want a pink potty chair.  If they are character driven, then Mickey Mouse or Dora will rule your world for a while. Whatever it is…do not say no! Motivation is key.

Next is the dangling carrot. I’m not known for being too PC so I call it bribery. In our PC world it is better known as incentives. Whatever you want to call it, Get It. This step is imperative for a toddler. They are ruled by what do I get. Now, if you have raised the appreciative, most polite, grateful toddler that will perform just for the pee pee dance alone, then I bow down to you. However, if not, then stock your potty tool belt with a plethora of spoils. Stickers, small toys, candy, whatever motivates your little one.  Get it and a lot of it.  Mix and match, keep it interesting, but dangle that carrot.

Those really are the 3 must have things you need to start your own Tinkle Time Experience.  Books, DVD, Potty Dolls, are all just icing on the cake.   The most important thing to remember is there is no timeline.  Your toddler may be bare bottom in the grass for a day, a week, a month or even the whole summer before you can check off potty training in the baby book milestone section, but it will eventually happen.  So, go out in the yard and play with your little one and enjoy Tinkle Time too.


Elmo Book- Peaks Pinterest Interest

Elmo bookEvery week, I receive emails to let me know what people are pinning on Pinterest.  This week our winner was “Potty Time with Elmo”  the sound book.  It received 3 pins all in one day.  Who wouldn’t want to help their child learn about potty training with Elmo?  Reading your child a story about their favorite character and the potty, should help capture your child’s attention and  learn the concept of potty training.  We carry a variety of children’s books that might interest your child.  From princess’s to pirates, there is sure to be a book or character that your child will like.

But do not forget to look for something for yourself.  We have a section of books for adults to read:

Potty Training in One dayBooks on Potty Training in One Day Methods

Books on Infant Potty Training

Books on Potty Training for Children with Autism and other Developmental Issues

Books on Bedwetting

Books on Constipation, Bowel and Bladder problems


Reading is the gateway to knowledge and if that is so, then there is no better way to educate ourselves on potty training than through a good book.