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Cherised and Adored Kids Gift – Personalized Pillows

Personalized Pillows - Gifts

Vani and Shivi sleeping with their personalized pillows!

Looking for gift that will be adored and cherished by the child that you give it to?  Try our personalized pillow cases!

I have given this to a number of kids in my life and I always glad that I did because the kids simply love the pillow cases!

I recently sent these personalized pillow cases to my husbands niece and nephew and this is the picture I got back from their Mom.

I am glad that the love their gifts!

We have a great selection of pillow cases.  Our designs range from butterflies to racing cars to pirates and astronauts.

We are always adding new designs, so check visit often to see the new designs.

If you have a suggestion for a design – please email us your suggestions.

A Step Stool is a Handy Tool!

Wooden Step Stool- Magic GardenEvery household should have a step stool handy for their child to use especially in their bathrooms during Potty Training.  A step stool is a very handy tool and has at least 2 wonderful purposes during this process in a child’s life.  One is to offer the child a helping hand as well as a sense of security and independence.  The second is to help the child with a good health and hygiene regiment.  Let’s take a look at these two a little more closely.

When a child is potty training, the one thing that we are trying to teach them is to be independent.  To be able to go to the potty on their own, pull their training pants up and down by themselves, without needing any or very little help from us at all.  Once they have accomplished this and they are potty trained, it is time to move them on to the adult size potty using the potty reducer to make them feel more secure.  One of the problems with this step is that some of the children find that they can not hop up on the seat without much difficulty or the feeling that they might fall in.  This is when our step stools come in handy.  They can step up to the seat and just sit down all by themselves, with no assistance at all.  The stool also serves another purpose,  it allows the child to place his feet on the top step, not only making them more stable but give them a secure feeling.  When their little legs are just dangling, they tend to swing them side to side or back and forth, therefore creating unbalance and sometimes a feeling that they might just fall into the bowl.

Once they are finished going to the potty, they are taught to wash their hands.  Ooops!  Sometimes we forget that they are still little people and need help.  Some may not be able to reach the sink without a lot of difficulty and therefore would need the convenience of a stool.  With the use of a stool of appropriate height for them, they would again become independent and do things for themselves.

Stools come in many different shapes, sizes and heights.  Most of the one step children stools are around 8 inches high, with the 2-step stools right at 14 inch-total height.  They come in plastic and wood of many colors and some of them even have a place for your child to store things.  Like anything else you must find one that fits the needs of both you and your child.

Which Potty Training Pants should I buy?

It is starting to warm up outside and I can’t say it enough, “I am so glad!”  I personally have had enough of the cold weather and am loving the warm days that we are having at this time.  Due to the warming up of the weather, I am receiving more phone calls than usual,  from parents that are preparing themselves for the wonderful process called “Potty Training“.  The main topic seems to be “Which Training Pants should I buy?”

Most of them are aware already, that going from the paper product pull-ups to cotton training pants, is the first step to potty training.  The pull-ups are designed to keep the child as dry as possible no matter how many times they have accidents in them.  They wick away the moisture from the child’s bottom.  The cotton training pants on the other hand, will make the child feel wet and hopefully uncomfortable, so that they will be motivated to go to the potty in order to stay dry.  We can only hope!

We at RNK carry several kinds of training pants.  Our cotton training pants are thicker than most brands that you can buy in the stores and are available in blue (Potty Scotty) print,  Pink (Potty Patty) print, solid white and some colorful prints as well.  These training pants are designed to catch most of an accident in the thick center portion of the training pant but may not contain all of it.  Should you want help in containing most, if not all of the accident (and I say most because there are some accidents that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t contain all of it),  we recommend that you also use our waterproof pull-on pants to go over the top of them.  (Our pull on pants are not vinyl but are made out of a special waterproof PUL fabric, so you do not hear the rustling like the vinyl ones.)

Should you decide to use the cotton training pants, you will find that they are wonderful because once the child is potty trained, the training pant can also be used like regular underwear.  Be prepared because there will be many times that your child will wait until the last minute to go to the potty.   As they hurry on the way there, they may tinkle just a bit before reaching the potty.  Using this thicker cotton training pant should absorb that slight accident so that it does not go through to their clothing. and therefore saving them from an embarrassing moment.

2in1-Training-Pants-Scotty2_600x6002in1-Waterproof-Training-Pants-Patty_600x600If you do not like having to work with 2 separate items, then our 2-in-1 training pants are more for you.  They give you the convenience of the cotton training pant and the waterproof pull-on all built into one.  These are for daytime potty training just as the cotton training pants are.  They also come in the Blue Potty Scotty and Pink Potty Patty prints.

Bamboo-Waterproof-Training-Pants_600x600Minky-Waterproof-Training-Pants_600x600We have recently introduced some of our new waterproof training pants to our site.  These training pants come in a variety of prints but stand out because the outer PUL fabric is made up of 2 very special materials (bamboo and a very soft minky fabric).  All our waterproof training pants are perfect for potty training your child.

Night-Time-Training-Pants-n_600x600Once your child is day potty trained, you will have to watch for signs that will let you know that they are ready for night time training.  One of the most important signs to look for is that your child is waking up dry or almost dry several days out of the week.  This should be a sign that his/her little bladder has gained enough strength to hold it most, if not all night long until morning.  Once the child has showed this sign, you might want to try our night time training pants.  They are a little bulkier than the day time training pants because night time accidents are usually heavier than those during the day.  For easy night time changing, they are manufactured with 2 sets of snaps down both sides.  The second set of snaps also gives you the ability to increase or decrease the waist size of the training pant.

I strongly suggest that you use not just the weight chart that you see on the site but the measurement chart as well.  Using both increases the chance that the training pants will fit your child.  Good luck with your potty training days ahead and call me should you need any further assistance.



Custom Shower Curtains

Custom Shower Curtains — Great Gift!! I recently had the opportunity to create a Custom Christmas Shower Curtain for one of our wonderful customers!!

She had a theme in mind that she did not see in our Personalized Shower Curtain category  on our website Baby ‘N’ Toddler. She gave us a call and I was able to find out exactly what she wanted. A few days later I emailed a proof of what I designed and beside a few small changes she was THRILLED!!!

I let her know that we also have matching bathroom accessories like our toothbrush holders, soap dispenser, tissue box covers, and MORE!!

Here are some of my tips on how to get your VERY OWN custom shower curtain. 

1. If you don’t see what you want on the site contact us and we will work to create something ESPECIALLY for you.

2. A phone conversation is usually the best way to communicate what you would like.  We can confirm all of your specs, and this will eliminate having to pay additonal fees for proofs. (We offer 2 proofs with your purchase)

3.  Try to Plan Ahead and allow 7 -14 business days to receive your order. If you choose 2day shipping we will ship it out this way after production.

4. Let your imagination run wild… We love creating unique designs for each customer, so give us your ideas and let the fun begin!!


Personalized Bedding for Toddlers, Teens, & Adults

We are in the process of adding  personalized products to our site Baby ‘N’ Toddler, and the newest set of goodies we have are Personalized Bedding for Toddlers, Teens, and Adults!!! Now that the holiday season is nearing us, it would be the perfect time to order.

The variety is great and the options are almost endless. You can purchase exactly what we have, or you can create your very own CUSTOM bedding set. Check out some of the bedding sets we have available today!! We also have personalized pillowcases that you can mix and match with the bedding sets, or purchase separately.

If you have any questions about creating a custom bedding set ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, fill out the form below the pictures or give us a call at 281485-3351.

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Potty Training- Holiday Gift Idea

z-prince froggy chairz-Sea rocking chairWith summer now almost over and school beginning, it is time to focus on the holidays.  If your child , your grandchild, niece, or nephew is potty training age, why not consider getting them a gift that they can pass down from generation to generation.  You might take the time to look at our wooden potty chairs.   These chairs make the children feel like they are sitting in a chair and get this, some of them come as rocking chairs!  These chairs are larger than some of the regular potty chairs that you might find in the regular stores.  You might even consider having them personalized with the child’s name and making it more of a personal gift.

z-urine deflectorz-potty chamber potI couldn’t tell you how many phone calls I receive, wanting to know if we carry a potty seat that has a urine deflector that is higher than what the potty seats carry.  The wooden potty chair does!!!!!  And guess what,  we even carry the replacement chamber pots and the urine deflectors that should fit most wooden potty chairs!

z-wood step stoolz-princess and frog step stoolz-sunny safari step stoolAnother holiday gift idea for you to think about purchasing, whether they are potty training or not, is our wooden step stools.  These can be used anytime, in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.  These too can also be personalized to give the child a little more feeling of ownership.  Every child needs help at one time or another reaching up to get something down.  Step stools can be used to help a child feel secure once they start using the adult potty and it gives them a place to put their feet so that the feet are not just dangling.  If the feet are dangling, it gives them a sense sometimes that they might fall in.  This can be a very scary feeling for a child and it does not help with their potty training at all.

So there is no time like the present to start your holiday shopping!!  Have fun!!!

Top 5 New Technologies at RNK

It’s been a while since I have blogged so I figured that it was time for me to give an update on what we’ve been working on around here lately. I don’t know how impressed you will be with what I (and Carter) have done, but we put quite a bit of work in this summer. So for your quick reading, here is my selection of the top 5 technologies that we have been working on.

Tags! Tags Everywhere!

Once upon a time our product entry system was simple; you would add a product to the site, add images and a description, and assign categories. This system seemed to work fine for many years however after a while we began to notice that not everything had all of the data that it needed to have on it. Some products would have wonderfully written descriptions (and some not so wonderfully), but they didn’t even answer the simple questions like “what color is it?” or “what is it made out of?”. To fix this issue we had to reevaluate EVERYTHING about how we were putting data in the system. The biggest issue with how we were doing it was that were all caught up in writing descriptions and setting good images, and forgot that computers (like the ones that actually run the stores) aren’t very good at reading or seeing.

So after much system tinkering we created the “Product Tagging System” that we use today. The idea behind the tag system is simple (albeit somewhat stolen from WordPress), there exists certain things (frequently in adjectives) that describe products. There is a “Red” tag, a “Cotton” tag, and a “Shirt” tag. All of these tags help us define what a product is in ways that the system can understand. Although out computer systems will never need wear shirts or which ones are fashionable, it can not easily separate the items in our store that are shirts from the ones that are not. Building upon this tag system we have setup schemes of tag applicability and requirement (such that shirts require sleeve length, but sleeve length is not applicable to books), and a system of tag inheritance, such that if a shirt is red, all its children products (the specific sizes) are also red.

And of course we pass all information back to the users, and it is shown in the nice little specifications box at the bottom of the product pages Click here to see the box on the Black Onesie

Filters and Search

Thanks to Google, when people come onto our site their eyes are automatically drawn to that little text box that says search. They begin to expect it, but more importantly they expect it to get them to the products they are looking for without a need to understand anything about the way our system is set up. In the past, if you did a search for “shirts” or “shrt” you would get nothing because the word that was included in the name of the products was “shirt”. If your spelling wasn’t perfect, or you pluralized when you shouldn’t, or we happened to call them “body coverings” (ok, maybe that’s a bad example) then you would get no results. And zero results meant unhappy customers and zero sales

To fix this we changed the way our system handled search requests, instead of simply just looking for text matches in the name of a product, we wanted the system to somewhat understand what the user was searching for. If someone did a search for “camo shrts for girls” we needed a system that would break this down and try to understand it. After some thinking we realized the only thing that the system really understood was tags (discussed above), so we started there. The system as it exists today is smart enough to break that search down into a search for products that are “Camouflage” (another word for camo), “Shirts” (the proper spelling), and “Female” (our system’s classification of gender). All this put together lets us parse the query and result proper results. It’s no Google, but it’s better than what we had

Product Bundles

We have been trying to sell bundles to our customers for years, but until now it has been a serious pain for us. Due to constraints in our system we had to setup each bundle we created in multiple systems and they had to be static kits (containing specific parts). And the inventory management on them was a nightmare. It seemed like as soon as we made a kit, one of the parts would go out of stock and we would have to replace it, or put the kit out of stock.

Skip forward to today. We are now in the process of rolling out a new bundle technology onto all our sites (starting with Baby-n-Toddler) that allows us to create bundles like this Argyle Bundle. We are excited about this technology because it lets us offer bundled discounts, allow users to pick what parts they want, and adds the parts to the cart instead of the bundle itself (which simplifies inventory like crazy). Even if you aren’t excited about the technology itself, you will be excited by what it allows us to sell like this Personalizable Select-Your-Color Onesie or this Born to hunt vinyl iron on that you can choose what onesie you bundle it with.

More Reliable Inventory

In a previous post, I mentioned that inventory integrity is really important to us here at RNK, and I am happy to say that inventory has never been managed better. Due to the history of the company, we use Stone Edge Order Manager (a crappy little piece of Microsoft Access code) to manage our inventory in our warehouse, and a centralized database on our web server (referred to around here as just “Central”) to manage the inventory number displayed on our websites (I think we have 7 at the moment). The synchronization between these two used to be a flat file spreadsheet that would be sent over FTP on a periodic basis, and there was serious issues with latency of the process (it could take up to a day for numbers to make the full path from SEOM to our Miva stores). Those days are now behind us though because our server now has inventory submission servlets that allow us to send inventory directly from SEOM to Central with no need for file saving and transfer. This may not sound like exciting news to the outside world, but we are certainly happy.

Feeds and Google Ads

This summer, sales have not been as great as we wanted them to be so we decided to play around with some advertising. For several weeks we worked to get our systems populated with the necessary data and mapped out into a feed that Google wanted so that we could successfully send out a Product Feed for Google Shopping. You have probably seen the little ad box that shows up on Google when you search for a product, and we are quite happy that our products now show up in there.

Now that we have all this data and technology built, we hope to get our products visible in even more places online so that we can get products to the people who want them.

Time is running out!

Potty-Watch-1 Many of our Moms are preparing their children for pre-school and guess what, one of the requirements is that your child must be potty trained!!  It seems that I have received more phone calls lately and emails regarding their children not telling them when it is time to potty.  At this age, we find that children will not want to stop playing with their toys, watching their favorite programs, or come in from outside and take the potty break that they so need to take.  The outcome of this, a potty accident of course.


Potty Watch 1

Children get so involved in what they are doing and their little bladders are just not developed enough to hold it in until they get where they are going.  They just seem to wait too long before they decide they need to go to the potty.  An easy way to resolve this is with our Potty Watches.  The alarms are made to go off regularly, therefore reminding the child to go to the potty on a regular schedule without having to be told.


WobL-Watch-Pink-2The way it works is like this.  You set the watch, let say for 30 minutes.  Every 30 minutes the watch alarm will sound off or vibrate to remind your child that it is time to go to the potty.  Once the child has perfected going every 30 minutes without an accident, you will need to increase the time between bathroom visits by setting the alarm to once every hour.  Doing this will allow his bladder to strengthen and you should see him go longer and longer between bathroom runs.  Some of them are very inexpensive and some kids just love to wear them.  What do you have to lose?

Deals and Steals

Who doesn’t like to shop and save money?  With the economy the way that it is, everyone is out looking to save money in some way.  We have a section on our sites called Deals and Steals.  There you will find our Sale Items, Clearance, and our Bundled Savings Items.  These 3 sections will help save you money and you will find that there is something on sale, not just for the kids but items that will benefit adults as well.  ( You really need to check out our Mom sections and our Personalization sections.)

SaleClearanceBundled Savings







We have sections on our site that will feature some of our products, show you our new products and give you an idea of what our best sellers are.  So first buyer or not, this page changes at least once a month.  Check it out and see what is new.  You never know what you will find!

Featured ProductsNew ProductsBest Sellers

Lowest Training Pant Price Ever!

Hot Summer SaleFor weeks now, we have been talking about how it is summertime and it is time for potty training. Well, I can’t think of a better time for us to have a SALE on our Potty Scotty Cotton Training PantsPotty Patty Cotton Training Pants, Potty Scotty 2 in 1 Waterproof Training Pants and our Potty Patty 2 in 1 Training PantsWe are offering you the lowest price that we have ever offered any of our online customers!!!  Take advantage of the savings while you can, because we do not know how long it will last!!!!!

Our cotton training pants are designed to be thicker than the store brands that you buy at your local department store.  The come in a blue image of Potty Scotty and in a pink image of Potty Patty.  They are individually packaged for your convenience,  to make it easier for you to try one on without opening the whole package should you need to return or exchange them for a different size.

We are also extending this savings on our 2 in 1 waterproof training pants.  These training pants are totally convenient for the parent on the go.  Since they are 2 training pants in one (cotton training pants with the waterproof outer layer), the buy parent does not have to worry about packing 2 different types of training pants but they are re-assured that their child is protected should they not quite make it to the potty while they are out.

We welcome you to visit our sites, Potty Training Concepts and Baby N Toddler to check out the special pricing on our cotton training pants and waterproof training pants!!  Don’t miss this special pricing opportunity!!!  Don’t wait they are moving fast!!!!