Caleb Solano

I am the lead developer in charge of making sure that everything at RNK Innovations runs smoothly and that we continue to push out new features. Nothing makes me happier than sending out new features to our sites and internal management software so that someone’s experience is faster, better, or easier. Read More…

Danessa Grace

I am the Marketing Manager responsible for creating and implementing marketing plans, product management, and overall making sure we display our products in the best possible light through our various distribution channels.
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Narmin Parpia

I am the Big Suit here at RNK Innovations; and thus am responsible for the overall direction of this company i.e setting the the vision and the strategy of our company.
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My name is Ogie and I am the Customer Service Representative for RNK Innovations. My responsibilities include answering the phones, placing your special customization orders by phone, answering questions about our products, taking care of your returns and exchanges, etc. In other words, I am the person that you will have more contact with, should you have any questions or requests concerning your order. I am here to take care of you the best that I am able to. Read more

Ryan Ramlal

Howdy! I am Marketing Assistant her at RNK Innovations. I am responsible for basically whatever is handed to me which includes products management, to sample organization to writing our bimonthly food review articles!
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Hi! My name is Tina and I have worked at RNK Innovations for a year and a half. My background is in mental health but I am channeling by creative side with this job. I have 3 kids and one of the best grandson’s in the world! I believe I am the only Nona that rocks blond, pink and black hair! Read more