OgieHello and welcome to RNK Innovations. Allow me to introduce my self. My name is Ogie and I am the Customer Service Representative for RNK Innovations. My responsibilities include answering the phones, placing your special customization orders by phone, answering questions about our products, taking care of your returns and exchanges, etc. In other words, I am the person that you will have more contact with, should you have any questions or requests concerning your order. I am here to take care of you the best that I am able to.

I have four wonderful children. My boys are 24 (police officer for Alvin), 18 (Pitcher at Alvin High School) and 14 (Kick-start Karate) and I have one daughter who is 11 (she is so tired of doing all her brothers extra activities, as of right now, she has no need for any for herself.). Needless to say I do stay really busy outside of work. My wonderful other half loves motorcycles and believe it or not, I too enjoy riding them now. I never thought that I would ever get on one, let alone travel on one. It is fun though and I do enjoy my time with him and it is a plus that I have always loved being outdoors.

Besides my love for my family, I love to read, do needlework and do my yard-work (when I have time that is). We have 3 dogs (a Yorkie, Dachshund, and a Chihuahua) , 3 mini-Rex rabbits, a Calico Cat and my son has a snake (needless to say I do not help with this one, LOL!)



1. Personalized Shower Curtains–  They are just absolutely adorable and you can customize the colors to match your own bathroom.

2. Printed Vinyl Sheets– Crafter’s just love this item so that they custom personalize a variety of their crafts for their customers.

3. Colorful Onesies–  I just love babies and we offer so many different colored onesies for them.  We have a rainbow of colors for every occasion.  And it wouldn’t hurt to have them personalized.

4. Personalized Vinyl Car Decals–  Why not personalize your car?  We have the perfect vinyl car decal made especially for you.

5.  We also have the cutest Bathroom and Toilet Decals to decorate your bathroom with.  Some of them can even be customized just for you.  Come check them out!


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