DanessaAfter graduating cum laude from Texas Southern University with a BBA in Marketing I landed my first position here at RNK Innovations. My positive attitude, flexibility, and ability to envision and work toward future goals allowed me to integrate into the team seamlessly.

Although we are a small company and I wear many hats, my main responsibilities are creating and implementing marketing plans, product management, and overall making sure we display our products in the best possible light through our various distribution channels.

I am an avid relaxer who loves to couch surf, eat, read, listen to music, and learn about new things. And don’t let the relaxing fool you, these all happen only if I’m not thinking of new ways to help our company grow.

My Top RNK Products – The ongoing theme here is PERSONALIZATION..with a unique name like mine it’s a real treat to have it on things.

1. Personalized Chevron Print Bedding Set – Chevron print is one of my favorite patterns and when we designed this bedding set I fell in love!!!

2. Personalized Double Wall Tumblers – Our tumblers are great because they are personalized AND having mine on my desk always reminds me to drink deliciously cold water everyday.

3. Custom Glitter Iron Ons – The fact that we can make glitter iron ons with custom text is fantabulous!! After more than a year of washing my shirts still have their glittery goodness.

My Favorite Collections – I’m partial to these collections because I designed some of them!!

1. Chevron Stripe Collection – As I mentioned above I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chevron stripes and we have 10 colors to choose from. My favorite is pink.

2. Princess Collection by Potty Patty –  The best part is that the Princess can be customized to look like any little girl!!

3. Dinosaur Collection by Potty Scotty – The little dinos are super cute and kids love them.