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Buying Guide for Potty Chairs

  • By Tina
  • 28 March, 2014
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Are you ready to start potty training but just don’t know where to start?  Most think of potty chairs immediately when they think potty training.  Why are potty chairs important?  … Continue Reading →

Toad Step Stool

A Step Stool is a Handy Tool!

  • By Ogie
  • 27 March, 2014
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Every household should have a step stool handy for their child to use especially in their bathrooms during Potty Training.  A step stool is a very handy tool and has … Continue Reading →

Training Pants Training

Which Potty Training Pants should I buy?

  • By Ogie
  • 19 March, 2014
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It is starting to warm up outside and I can’t say it enough, “I am so glad!”  I personally have had enough of the cold weather and am loving the … Continue Reading →

bamboo vs cotton

Bamboo vs. Cotton

  • By Ogie
  • 9 October, 2013
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We recently added a new training pant to our site.  These 2 in 1 waterproof training pants are made out of a bamboo fabric.  I had a customer who asked … Continue Reading →

z-low price

New Low Pricing!!!!!

  • By Ogie
  • 19 September, 2013
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Everyone loves to hear about money saving deals.  Well, RNK Innovations is proud to announce the new pricing on the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Potty Chairs and Potty Seats. … Continue Reading →

Blue Owl Waterproof Training Pants (Front)

Waterproof Training Pants

We are excited about our new waterproof training pants!  They are available in fun prints for boys, for girls and some gender neutral prints. For Girls: For Boys: Gender Neutral: … Continue Reading →

z gift ideas

Potty Training- Holiday Gift Idea

  • By Ogie
  • 22 August, 2013
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With summer now almost over and school beginning, it is time to focus on the holidays.  If your child , your grandchild, niece, or nephew is potty training age, why … Continue Reading →


The Pooping Doll!!

I recently ran across Pooping Kong suni, the Korean Doll that passes gas and also “poops”.  Ok, so I know what you’re thinking…. she poops?!!! Well, not literally; the doll … Continue Reading →


Bed Wetting Alarms

  • By Ogie
  • 1 August, 2013
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Our bed-wetting alarms have been very popular this week as the kids get ready to go back to school.  Parents are trying desperately to help their child with their potty … Continue Reading →

Time is running out

Time is running out!

  • By Ogie
  • 19 July, 2013
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Many of our Moms are preparing their children for pre-school and guess what, one of the requirements is that your child must be potty trained!!  It seems that I have … Continue Reading →