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Bathroom Decor – Customer Submitted Images

We absolutely LOVE when customers take the time to share a picture of their bathrooms once they have decorated with our shower curtains, bath mats, and bathroom accessories. Enjoy the gallery below, you might even get some ideas of your own!!

On their way out – Personalized Bathroom Accessories

This is apart of my usual “show and tell” of our newest products and designs heading on their way out to happy homes. Our latest best sellers are our bathroom accessory sets. They include a soap/lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, and tissue box cover.

I took a few minutes to get some shots of the Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set that we shipped out last week. The  original dinosaur print that we use for this design came from our Potty Scotty training pants. They were so popular that we took elements and created  a collection that includes nearly all of our personalized products!!

Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set

Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set

We also shipped out a Zebra Print & Polka Dots Bathroom Accessory Set. They come from our most popular collection, The Zebra Print Collection. Our customers have shown how much they love it by purchasing this design on double wall tumblers, bedding, rugs, and shower curtains.

Zebra Print Collection

Zebra Print Collection

One of our creative  customers chose to use our soap/lotion dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash. Look how great they look in in the design from our Moroccan Print Collection.

Zebra Print Collection

Moroccan Print Collection

I don’t want to forget to mention that we have coordinating shower curtains and toilet decals since these customers also purchased them alongside the bathroom accessory sets. Once I have those pics I’ll update the post.

Our first personalized golf towel!!

Personalized Ladybug and Chevron Golf Towel

Personalized Ladybug and Chevron Golf Towel

As I mentioned in my previous post we are continuously adding new personalized products to the site and last week we received our very first order for a personalized golf towel!!

We have two different kinds; one that has an entire design on the front and one that has the design on a strip on the bottom of the towel.

I have to admit I was a little leary of the interest for these kinds of towels, but I might have been proved wrong!! It turned out so well I had to share!!

We also have kitchen towels, bathroom towels, beach towels, hand towels; pretty much towels for wherever you need them!!

Whenever I redecorate my bathroom I am going to play around with our different colors and patterns to make a unique coordinating set!! I can’t wait….


UPDATE: Here’s our second personalized golf towel!!

Personalized Ladybug and Chevron Golf Towel

Personalized Chevron Print Golf Towel


Deals and Steals

Who doesn’t like to shop and save money?  With the economy the way that it is, everyone is out looking to save money in some way.  We have a section on our sites called Deals and Steals.  There you will find our Sale Items, Clearance, and our Bundled Savings Items.  These 3 sections will help save you money and you will find that there is something on sale, not just for the kids but items that will benefit adults as well.  ( You really need to check out our Mom sections and our Personalization sections.)

SaleClearanceBundled Savings







We have sections on our site that will feature some of our products, show you our new products and give you an idea of what our best sellers are.  So first buyer or not, this page changes at least once a month.  Check it out and see what is new.  You never know what you will find!

Featured ProductsNew ProductsBest Sellers

Keep Calm and Latch On Purple T-Shirt for Women

Keep Calm and Latch On


Keep-Calm-Latch-ShirtsLeah Jolly left RNK Innovations to start her own business (Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education) a couple of years ago.

Leah has four boys!!  yes 4 boys!!

Ever since I have know Leah, she was actively involved in the La Leche League.

In 2010, she told me that her goal was to be lactation consultant and so was going to sit for the IBCLC exam in 2011.  She studied for months and had to wait many more months for the results.

Leah and her business partner Misti have been consulting in the Houston Metro area since August of 2011.

With Keep Calm and (insert your words here) being as popular as it is – Leah asked us to design “Keep Calm and Latch On” Shirts for Misti and herself and some Keep Calm Onesies for the Babies.

Of course, we had to put the BABE logo on the back of the shirts and Onesies.

We also ended up doing a decal for both their cars!

Here at RNK Innovations, we love designing your custom products – whether you are looking for custom apparel, decals for your car or your walls,  we got you covered.  We even have personalized bedding, pillows or even personalized shower curtains.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will try our best to meet your needs!




Camouflage.. I never knew it was so popular!!

I never knew camouflage print was so popular!! It is no longer confined to the hunting grounds and the print really seems to have taken America by storm!!

I’ve seen camo wedding dresses, camo bedroom sets, camo aprons, camo toilet seats, camo toilet paper, camo living room chairs, camo tennis shoes, and SOOO much more!!

With so much camo print going around we couldn’t leave out the little hunters. We’ve got Camo Onesies, Camo Bibs, Camo Baby Beanies, Camo Booties, pretty much all the camo a baby could need!!

Not only is camo print popular, there are also different versions of camo print!! We recently brought in RealTree Camo Onesies in Pink and Green AND RealTree Camo Toddler Shirts in Pink and Green!!




Interlocking Monograms

I am so happy that I can be the one to tell you about one of our most ordered items this week.

Our Interlocking Monograms have become quite a hit!  They are very beautiful in design and come in a sparkle vinyl or your choice of prints.  You can put them just about anywhere but most people are putting them on their back windshields.  They really do make a very gorgeous car decal for any type of vehicle.

We have had them on sale this month and you only have until January 31st to get in on the savings!!

Valentine Onesies

Preparation after preparation, when does it end!  It seems like we just got past one holiday and we find ourselves getting ready for another one.  At least, we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is not as hectic as Christmas.  But you realize that it is time that we start thinking of what to use to decorate our offices, homes and schools.  We will start to see the white, red and pink hearts all over the place and the kids will start buzzing about the school parties, valentine cards, etc.  And before you know it, we are right back in the holiday mode again.

That is why I want to take this time to show you some of our Valentine onesie’s.

Our Heart Breaker Onesie

Our ‘Lil’ Devil Onesie












Our Mommy’s Favorite Valentine Onesie

Our White Valentine ‘Prince Charming’ Onesie












Also take into consideration, that you can come up with your own text and choose your own colored onesie, you don’t have to use one of these.  Just a thought!



Personalized Bling Mugs

One of our big sellers this cold, chilly season just happens to be our “Personalized Bling Coffee Mugs”.  They made really perfect “Boss” and family gifts for Christmas and they will make wonderful gifts for that someone special this Valentine Holiday!!!! Make it theirs, make it personal, make it special!



You are offered up to 8 characters in the

personalization, so you could use phrases like:

Luv U!


Be Mine!

The possibilities are endless!




This 14 oz. coffee mug is not only glamorous but

it keeps your coffee and chocolate hot, and then

when it starts to warm up outside,  it will keep

your drink ice cold!