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On their way out – Personalized Bathroom Accessories

This is apart of my usual “show and tell” of our newest products and designs heading on their way out to happy homes. Our latest best sellers are our bathroom accessory sets. They include a soap/lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, and tissue box cover.

I took a few minutes to get some shots of the Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set that we shipped out last week. The  original dinosaur print that we use for this design came from our Potty Scotty training pants. They were so popular that we took elements and created  a collection that includes nearly all of our personalized products!!

Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set

Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set

We also shipped out a Zebra Print & Polka Dots Bathroom Accessory Set. They come from our most popular collection, The Zebra Print Collection. Our customers have shown how much they love it by purchasing this design on double wall tumblers, bedding, rugs, and shower curtains.

Zebra Print Collection

Zebra Print Collection

One of our creative  customers chose to use our soap/lotion dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash. Look how great they look in in the design from our Moroccan Print Collection.

Zebra Print Collection

Moroccan Print Collection

I don’t want to forget to mention that we have coordinating shower curtains and toilet decals since these customers also purchased them alongside the bathroom accessory sets. Once I have those pics I’ll update the post.

A Step Stool is a Handy Tool!

Wooden Step Stool- Magic GardenEvery household should have a step stool handy for their child to use especially in their bathrooms during Potty Training.  A step stool is a very handy tool and has at least 2 wonderful purposes during this process in a child’s life.  One is to offer the child a helping hand as well as a sense of security and independence.  The second is to help the child with a good health and hygiene regiment.  Let’s take a look at these two a little more closely.

When a child is potty training, the one thing that we are trying to teach them is to be independent.  To be able to go to the potty on their own, pull their training pants up and down by themselves, without needing any or very little help from us at all.  Once they have accomplished this and they are potty trained, it is time to move them on to the adult size potty using the potty reducer to make them feel more secure.  One of the problems with this step is that some of the children find that they can not hop up on the seat without much difficulty or the feeling that they might fall in.  This is when our step stools come in handy.  They can step up to the seat and just sit down all by themselves, with no assistance at all.  The stool also serves another purpose,  it allows the child to place his feet on the top step, not only making them more stable but give them a secure feeling.  When their little legs are just dangling, they tend to swing them side to side or back and forth, therefore creating unbalance and sometimes a feeling that they might just fall into the bowl.

Once they are finished going to the potty, they are taught to wash their hands.  Ooops!  Sometimes we forget that they are still little people and need help.  Some may not be able to reach the sink without a lot of difficulty and therefore would need the convenience of a stool.  With the use of a stool of appropriate height for them, they would again become independent and do things for themselves.

Stools come in many different shapes, sizes and heights.  Most of the one step children stools are around 8 inches high, with the 2-step stools right at 14 inch-total height.  They come in plastic and wood of many colors and some of them even have a place for your child to store things.  Like anything else you must find one that fits the needs of both you and your child.

Hostess Gifts


We are invited to a friends house for brunch this Sunday and I wanted to take her a hostess gift.  And as you may or may not know – I love developing new products and designs.  I designed this Damask & Moroccan Print Collection AND it is one of my favorite collections and we are in the process of developing all the product in this collections.

I was inspired to create this  Damask & Moroccan Print Collection  from watching Downton Abbey.  isobels-drawing-room-on-estateThe drapes in Isobel Crawley’s drawing room are a gold and grey damask.  I love the way they look.

So I decided that I would make my hostess gifts based on this collection and combine some existing products and some new products.

The travel cup with handle is one of our best sellers – so I went ahead and made that one for her.

We currently have a melamine platters and a melamine serving trays, but we did not have this lovely and more formal wooden serving tray.  I have wanted to add this to our line for a while, so I went ahead and tested it.  I LOVE it.  I think it turned out beautifully.  So it is a thumbs up.  Look for in our website in a couple weeks.

The other two products are a key chain and a cuff bracelet.  I am a sucker for pretty key chains – and so I tested this out.  I really like the way it looks and feels.  I am not very happy with the design.  I got too creative by moving the label off center to accommodate for the hole – so it needs a redesign, but thumbs up on the products itself.

Lastly, the cuff bracelet.  This was done on a silver substrate so it has a really nice metallic finish.  Thumbs up on the cuff bracelet.

Look for these and many other new products being added to Baby n Toddler in the upcoming weeks.

Please tell us what you think and let us know if there are designs you would like us to add.

Green Camo Interlocking Decal on a Bed

Monogrammed Wall Decals

I have always loved monograms and my favorite has always been the interlocking monogram.  It is so beautiful and elegant and adding a monogram to anything not only personalized it, but also add makes the item more beautiful and elegant.

Our Baby Milano Monogrammed Wall Decals are available in three different monogram styles i.e. interlocking, block and circle monograms.  The 3 monograms are available in all the Baby Milano prints – the classic argyle and toile, the stylish animal printszebra, leopard and giraffe and the ever popular camo print in both pink and green.

We think that every baby’s room should have one of the monograms on their walls.  They are available in multiple sizes – so not only can you put them on the wall, you can put them on a door or a toy chest on any smooth surface in and around the baby’s room.

The monogram wall decals are made in the USA – right here in beautiful Pearland, TX using a premium  wall fabric.  The glue on the back of the fabric is very much like post it notes, thus making the decal easily removable and re-position-able.

Below is a sample gallery of some of the monogram decals.  Baby Milano also has Wall Letter Decals and Personalized Wall Art not only available in our classic and stylish prints, but also in a number of new super fun prints like lace, plaid, grosgrain stripes and damask to name a few.

Grosgrain Stripe Wall Letters

Wall Letter Decals

Wall Letter Decals for Nursery - Plaid and Dots!

Wall Letter Decals for Nursery – Plaid and Dots!

Wall Letter Decals are a phenomenal way to decorate and personalize any room!  The are the perfect decor option as the personalize the room, but are easily removed when it is time for a change.  No stencils, paints or nails!  Just our durable adhesive fabric letters that have adhesive similar to a post-it note, and thus are removable and re-position-able.

Our fabric wall letters are available in many different prints and patterns AND each print or pattern has many colors to choose from.  Wait there is more – each wall letter is available to you in multiple sizes!!

The small letters (6 and 8 inches high) are perfect for spelling out a name, while the medium size (10, 12 and 14 inch) letters are perfect for initials.  The large size (16 and 18 inch) letters are perfect for a single initial.

You can have a lot of fun mixing and matching the patterns and prints AND sizes to create something that is uniquely your!

If our selection does not match your decor, we can create a custom wall letter just for you!  Browse our custom wall letter decal section to see the custom letters we have created for our customers!

My personal favorite letters are the lace letters!  Followed by my second favorite – the Peacock feather wall letters!

Browse our great selection of Wall Letter Decals and our Custom Wall Letter Decals!



Our Snackware….Great for Travel!!

We have recently added snackware to our sites and since summer travel will soon begin I thought it would be a great feature to put on the blog.

Growing up I remember those long family trips where we drove across the great state of Texas to see my grandmother and other family members in Midland.

My brothers and I always wanted to stop and grab snacks, but my mom was set on keeping the back seat of the car clean as well as staying within our travel budget.

If only I had our snackware then to fill up with the treats of my choice.


I’m sure one brother would have chosen an  Argyle 12 oz Personalized Snack Container, while the other brother would have chosen the Camo Print 12 oz Personalized  Snack Container, and I would have chosen the Houndstooth Print  12 oz. Personalized Snack Container.

My Mom would have probably had a red 12 oz Personalized Snack Container.  Ohh, how fun traveling could have been…. lol

We have a lot of other 12 oz. Personalized Snack Containers with various prints and patterns to choose from, so check them out and make it easier to take snacks on the plane or wherever you travel!!




Skins Skins Skins – What are they?

Yes, the only thing is life that is 100% guaranteed is CHANGE!  Change can be good or it can be bad or it can just be!

For me, most of the time change is good.  I get bored easily so I like change most of the time – but not always.

When it come to change – I love new products.  I love to surf and find things that I had not even imagined.  I LOVE the fact the I can do all with just a few click of a mouse.

Okay – I am getting to the point and will answer my own question!

Just a few short years ago – skin was just skin.  Now, according to Wikipedia, a laptop or mobile phone skin is a protective and/or decorative covering for a laptop or a mobile phone respectively.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen – it is now official.  The works skins is part of our vocabulary in 2013.

So to generalize – skins are protective or decorative coverings for products.

Viola – here are is our FIRST TOILET SEAT SKIN!  What do you think?

You may also like our Dinosaur Collection!

So far we have Dino Potty Training Pants, Toilet Seat Skins, Toilet Clings, Potty Charts & Stickers and Toilet Targets.

More products will be added over time – so browse the collection to see all the new and fun products.

Picture of two dogs - Roscoe and Raison

What to buy for a friend who has everything?

Do you have a friend who has everything?  or has the ability to buy whatever she wants?  So how does one get a gift for a girlfriend like that?

I have such a girlfriend and so when I saw this glitter mug – I knew that this was going to be a great gift for her.  but not the way it is – it had to be made specially for her.

So I asked her husband to send me pictures of her two babies – Roscoe and Raison.

Picture of two dogs - Roscoe and Raison

My girlfriend’s babies – Roscoe and Raison!

I cut heart shapes out of the glitter and attached the pictures on the back.

Then I got some bling / glitter and added that to the outside of the mugs and viola – we have personalized photo mugs with rhinestones.

I never started scrap booking as I am afraid that if I get started I would not stop and this felt very much like creating a scrap book page.

My girlfriend loved both mugs and tells me that she uses them on a daily basis!

Here is what the finished mugs looked like.

The mug with the handle has teal glitter in it and the mug without the handle has black glitter.

Browse our personalized mug section on Baby n Toddler.  We also have a section on Photo Personalized Drinkware.  These two mugs were not included in this section at the time of writing this blog!  Here is a link to all the drinkware we have to offer!