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Cherised and Adored Kids Gift – Personalized Pillows

Personalized Pillows - Gifts

Vani and Shivi sleeping with their personalized pillows!

Looking for gift that will be adored and cherished by the child that you give it to?  Try our personalized pillow cases!

I have given this to a number of kids in my life and I always glad that I did because the kids simply love the pillow cases!

I recently sent these personalized pillow cases to my husbands niece and nephew and this is the picture I got back from their Mom.

I am glad that the love their gifts!

We have a great selection of pillow cases.  Our designs range from butterflies to racing cars to pirates and astronauts.

We are always adding new designs, so check visit often to see the new designs.

If you have a suggestion for a design – please email us your suggestions.

Hostess Gifts


We are invited to a friends house for brunch this Sunday and I wanted to take her a hostess gift.  And as you may or may not know – I love developing new products and designs.  I designed this Damask & Moroccan Print Collection AND it is one of my favorite collections and we are in the process of developing all the product in this collections.

I was inspired to create this  Damask & Moroccan Print Collection  from watching Downton Abbey.  isobels-drawing-room-on-estateThe drapes in Isobel Crawley’s drawing room are a gold and grey damask.  I love the way they look.

So I decided that I would make my hostess gifts based on this collection and combine some existing products and some new products.

The travel cup with handle is one of our best sellers – so I went ahead and made that one for her.

We currently have a melamine platters and a melamine serving trays, but we did not have this lovely and more formal wooden serving tray.  I have wanted to add this to our line for a while, so I went ahead and tested it.  I LOVE it.  I think it turned out beautifully.  So it is a thumbs up.  Look for in our website in a couple weeks.

The other two products are a key chain and a cuff bracelet.  I am a sucker for pretty key chains – and so I tested this out.  I really like the way it looks and feels.  I am not very happy with the design.  I got too creative by moving the label off center to accommodate for the hole – so it needs a redesign, but thumbs up on the products itself.

Lastly, the cuff bracelet.  This was done on a silver substrate so it has a really nice metallic finish.  Thumbs up on the cuff bracelet.

Look for these and many other new products being added to Baby n Toddler in the upcoming weeks.

Please tell us what you think and let us know if there are designs you would like us to add.

Blue Owl Waterproof Training Pants (Front)

Waterproof Training Pants

We are excited about our new waterproof training pants!  They are available in fun prints for boys, for girls and some gender neutral prints.

For Girls:

For Boys:

Gender Neutral:

What makes these training pants waterproof is the  Polyurethane laminate (PUL).  The PUL fabric is available is a smooth finish or the really really soft minky fabric.

The training pants have an elastic waist, as well as elastic in the legs.  This help contain the accidents and minimizes leaks and spills.

The inside of the training pants is a soft bamboo fabric – that looks and feels very much like terry cloth.

The training pants are padded to absorb the accident, but allow your child to feel the wetness.

Visit Potty Training Concepts for a great selection of training pants and potty training products.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Plates – Photo Personalized

Parents and Kids love Mickey Mouse.  So if have a kid that is a fussy eater, but loves Mickey or Minnie Mouse, our melamine mickey mouse plates may help.

Our plates are photo personalized with your child’s picture along with Mickey and/or Minnie Mouse.

So for your fussy little eater, all he or she has to do if finish his / her food to be able to their own picture along with Mickey or Minnie.

We also have plates just for those special occasions, such a Christmas,  Halloween, Fourth of July and Birthdays.

So browse through our entire collection of Personalized Toddler Plates to find the plate that is just perfect for your child.

Leopard Toilet Seat

Decorative Toilet Seats Galore!!

Our customer service representative Ogie McDonald told me that our customers were asking for decorative toilet seats.  The vendor that use to supply our decorative toilet seats had decided to discontinue their line and thus our selection of decorative toilet seats was down to a handful.

So in true Narmin fashion, I went overboard!!  Not only did I replenish our ever so popular resin decorative toilet seat, I brought in 3D image toilet seats and multiple 3D image toilet seats.   Check out our decorative toilet seat category now!!   We now have over 80 decorative toilet seats for you to choose from!

If course I did not stop there (that is not my style!!)- I went on and sourced Real Tree Camo Toilet Seats, Marble Finish Toilet Seats, Wood Finish Toilet Seats.  Did I stop there – you know the answer!  I brought in some solid colored toilet seats and some soft toilet seats as well!  So was I done?  Almost.  I had to bring the ever so hot Glitter Toilet Seats!!  AND glitter toilet accessories.  Yes, now I am done!!

So why the emphasis on toilet seats you ask?  Well, we cannot help it – we are in the dirty business of potty training!!

Seriously, I think it is fun to decorate your bathroom.  Our bathroom (okay correction – our ladies bathroom) here at RNK Innovations is decorated to the nines AND every time I go to the bathroom, it makes me smile.

We have an RNK Divas Toilet Skin on the Toilet Seat; we have dino tinkle targets in the toilet, we have dino clings all over the toilet and toilet tank and we have dino decals on the walls.  It is truly a fun bathroom with a bit of sophistication mixed in with a lot of fun.


Keep Calm and Latch On Purple T-Shirt for Women

Keep Calm and Latch On


Keep-Calm-Latch-ShirtsLeah Jolly left RNK Innovations to start her own business (Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education) a couple of years ago.

Leah has four boys!!  yes 4 boys!!

Ever since I have know Leah, she was actively involved in the La Leche League.

In 2010, she told me that her goal was to be lactation consultant and so was going to sit for the IBCLC exam in 2011.  She studied for months and had to wait many more months for the results.

Leah and her business partner Misti have been consulting in the Houston Metro area since August of 2011.

With Keep Calm and (insert your words here) being as popular as it is – Leah asked us to design “Keep Calm and Latch On” Shirts for Misti and herself and some Keep Calm Onesies for the Babies.

Of course, we had to put the BABE logo on the back of the shirts and Onesies.

We also ended up doing a decal for both their cars!

Here at RNK Innovations, we love designing your custom products – whether you are looking for custom apparel, decals for your car or your walls,  we got you covered.  We even have personalized bedding, pillows or even personalized shower curtains.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will try our best to meet your needs!




Personalized Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty Step Stool

The Squatty Potty Step Stool

The Squatty Potty Step Stool

We have been carrying the Squatty Potty Step Stool for a number of years now and all of a sudden, lately they have been flying off the shelves!

Tina, our Operations Manager wanted to know why all of a sudden we could not keep them in stock!

Long behold a lot has been going on since we started carrying this product on Potty Training Concepts.

The Squatty Potty has been featured on The Doctors, NPR (my favorite radio station!), The Washington Post and The Huffington Post.


With all that publicity, no wonder they are flying off the shelf!

We started carrying it because we know the importance of squatting when going potty AND because it is also perfect for toddlers.

The biggest issue that parents call us with is Poop Potty Training.  Parent will find that their kids do not want to poop in the potty and keeps pooping in the pants.  AND on of the biggest contributors to this issue is constipation in toddlers.

Children refuse to poop in the potty because after a painful experience, the do not want to experience the pain again.

The Squatty Potty Step Stool should definitely help with this issue.

Watch the education video to see how this product can help you and your family!

Green Camo Interlocking Decal on a Bed

Monogrammed Wall Decals

I have always loved monograms and my favorite has always been the interlocking monogram.  It is so beautiful and elegant and adding a monogram to anything not only personalized it, but also add makes the item more beautiful and elegant.

Our Baby Milano Monogrammed Wall Decals are available in three different monogram styles i.e. interlocking, block and circle monograms.  The 3 monograms are available in all the Baby Milano prints – the classic argyle and toile, the stylish animal printszebra, leopard and giraffe and the ever popular camo print in both pink and green.

We think that every baby’s room should have one of the monograms on their walls.  They are available in multiple sizes – so not only can you put them on the wall, you can put them on a door or a toy chest on any smooth surface in and around the baby’s room.

The monogram wall decals are made in the USA – right here in beautiful Pearland, TX using a premium  wall fabric.  The glue on the back of the fabric is very much like post it notes, thus making the decal easily removable and re-position-able.

Below is a sample gallery of some of the monogram decals.  Baby Milano also has Wall Letter Decals and Personalized Wall Art not only available in our classic and stylish prints, but also in a number of new super fun prints like lace, plaid, grosgrain stripes and damask to name a few.

Grosgrain Stripe Wall Letters

Wall Letter Decals

Wall Letter Decals for Nursery - Plaid and Dots!

Wall Letter Decals for Nursery – Plaid and Dots!

Wall Letter Decals are a phenomenal way to decorate and personalize any room!  The are the perfect decor option as the personalize the room, but are easily removed when it is time for a change.  No stencils, paints or nails!  Just our durable adhesive fabric letters that have adhesive similar to a post-it note, and thus are removable and re-position-able.

Our fabric wall letters are available in many different prints and patterns AND each print or pattern has many colors to choose from.  Wait there is more – each wall letter is available to you in multiple sizes!!

The small letters (6 and 8 inches high) are perfect for spelling out a name, while the medium size (10, 12 and 14 inch) letters are perfect for initials.  The large size (16 and 18 inch) letters are perfect for a single initial.

You can have a lot of fun mixing and matching the patterns and prints AND sizes to create something that is uniquely your!

If our selection does not match your decor, we can create a custom wall letter just for you!  Browse our custom wall letter decal section to see the custom letters we have created for our customers!

My personal favorite letters are the lace letters!  Followed by my second favorite – the Peacock feather wall letters!

Browse our great selection of Wall Letter Decals and our Custom Wall Letter Decals!



Love Birds

Ahhh Love birds!

I had not really thought about this term in long time as I have been married now for quite a few years.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the couples shirts that my son gave to his girl friend for their 1st month anniversary.

This got me going on couples shirts AND then of course LOVE BIRDS!

I was in the process of getting some OWL Iron on Transfers on to our site….







and then when the love birds made my radar – I had to get us some Owl Love Birds – so now these are the new Owl Love Birds Iron On Transfers we carry!!







Of course, I could not just stop at Owl Love Birds – I had to get few other love birds in!

Key-to-my-Heart-Love-BirdsB_400x400Love-Birds3_150x150Love Birds 2






Browse our FANTASTIC selection of iron on transfers.