Author: Danessa Grace

Are you CONSUMED now Caleb?

Earlier this year Caleb ranted about his desire to create products that “Consume you from the inside”, his words..not mine!! YES,  I was horrified at the thought, but as he explained I understood exactly what he meant.

Caleb Said…caleb

  • I want to sell products that people crave.
  • I want to sell products that people “need”.
  • I want to sell products that people “gotta have”.
  • I want to sell products that people tell themselves “I don’t need that”…and still buy it.
  • I want to sell products like the ones on
  • I want to sell products that consume people from the inside until they have them.

My response to this ARE YOU CONSUMED NOW CALEB? It’s safe to say that you are immersed in our process of finding the best way to offer customers almost limitless variations on their product choice AND design options.

Not only that, you even had fun creating the Rice Owl Computer Science Department coffee mugs!! All in all I know that when you get the chance to create your own designs you become consumed and people like you will be consumed too!!

Rice Owls Mugs

Rice Owls Mugs

Ruler Coffee Mug

Ruler Coffee Mug










The same is to be said for Narmin and I when we create designs. The Ladybug Collection and The Colorful Trellis Collection are prime examples.  Both collections were created with designs that we personally loved. Within a week of adding them to our sites the orders started flowing in. There’s a picture below of the Colorful Trellis Bedding Set that I specifically designed for my bedroom (and am consumed with), and decided to create products that people like me will  love it too!!

Colorful Trellis Bedroom Set

Colorful Trellis Bedroom Set

I’ll be waiting for your response Caleb…. Are you CONSUMED now?

Bathroom Decor – Customer Submitted Images

We absolutely LOVE when customers take the time to share a picture of their bathrooms once they have decorated with our shower curtains, bath mats, and bathroom accessories. Enjoy the gallery below, you might even get some ideas of your own!!

On their way out – Personalized Bathroom Accessories

This is apart of my usual “show and tell” of our newest products and designs heading on their way out to happy homes. Our latest best sellers are our bathroom accessory sets. They include a soap/lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, and tissue box cover.

I took a few minutes to get some shots of the Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set that we shipped out last week. The  original dinosaur print that we use for this design came from our Potty Scotty training pants. They were so popular that we took elements and created  a collection that includes nearly all of our personalized products!!

Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set

Dino & Dots Bathroom Accessory Set

We also shipped out a Zebra Print & Polka Dots Bathroom Accessory Set. They come from our most popular collection, The Zebra Print Collection. Our customers have shown how much they love it by purchasing this design on double wall tumblers, bedding, rugs, and shower curtains.

Zebra Print Collection

Zebra Print Collection

One of our creative  customers chose to use our soap/lotion dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash. Look how great they look in in the design from our Moroccan Print Collection.

Zebra Print Collection

Moroccan Print Collection

I don’t want to forget to mention that we have coordinating shower curtains and toilet decals since these customers also purchased them alongside the bathroom accessory sets. Once I have those pics I’ll update the post.

Our first personalized golf towel!!

Personalized Ladybug and Chevron Golf Towel

Personalized Ladybug and Chevron Golf Towel

As I mentioned in my previous post we are continuously adding new personalized products to the site and last week we received our very first order for a personalized golf towel!!

We have two different kinds; one that has an entire design on the front and one that has the design on a strip on the bottom of the towel.

I have to admit I was a little leary of the interest for these kinds of towels, but I might have been proved wrong!! It turned out so well I had to share!!

We also have kitchen towels, bathroom towels, beach towels, hand towels; pretty much towels for wherever you need them!!

Whenever I redecorate my bathroom I am going to play around with our different colors and patterns to make a unique coordinating set!! I can’t wait….


UPDATE: Here’s our second personalized golf towel!!

Personalized Ladybug and Chevron Golf Towel

Personalized Chevron Print Golf Towel


Personalized Coffee Mugs

We are in the process of testing new personalized products at RNK and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show the world what’s brewing!! Earlier this week our brand new drinkware sublimation machine arrived and I was the first one to make a coffee mug with it.

Narmin and Caleb assisted in the setup, but I had the chance to design it using trellis print (one of our newest patterns). I absolutely LOVE the way the colors turned out and of course personalizing the mug with my name makes it even more special.

Personalized Trellis Print Mug

Personalized Trellis Print Mug

I also have a personalized chevron print double wall tumbler sitting on my desk that I use to keep my drinks cold and now I have my personalized coffee mug to keep my tea (I don’t drink coffee) hot.

The mugs will be introduced (in April or May) into our drinkware category along with our personalized travel mugs and kids mugs.

Our ability to personalize all kinds of products is continuously growing and hopefully before long EVERYTHING I have will be decorated!!

D’Caribbean Curry Spot Review – Lunch at RNK

I was first introduced to D’Caribbean Curry Spot last year by Narmin and it quickly became my go to when I crave something deliciously spicy. I say I must have been West Indian in another lifetime because I truly love the food there and can also handle the hot pepper  sauce they have.

The restaurant has an assortment of authentic West Indian food with beef, chicken, goat, duck, shrimp, or veggies. Moh and Sherry (the couple that own the restaurant) are absolutely wonderful and are always willing to educate me on the different foods they have. The food is cooked by Sherry with love and Moh handles the customers.

I’ll start reviewing the food with my all time favorite food there, Doubles. They are two pieces of fried flat bread with  mashed chickpeas and spices in the inside. I usually order 3 or 4 so I can have leftovers for the next day and I always order them spicy!! YUMYUM. My next favorite is a saheena. This is fried bread with spinach in it. I love to dip in in the hot pepper sauce and tamarind sauce.

Of course this time around I had to order doubles, but I wanted to try something new. I had the Bake Saltfish which was good, but NOTHING beats doubles to me. Caleb ordered a Curry Chicken Roti Wrap and Victor ordered the Curry Beef Roti Wrap. They didn’t even have to say how scrumptious they were, the fact they finished them completely says it all!!

Tina and Ryan ordered an assortment of “appetizers” which included doubles, beef patties, and aloo pies. Those too were finger lickin good and every bite was eaten.

Everyone here at RNK loves the food from D’Caribbean Curry Spot and we have chosen them for lunch more than once. I know this won’t be the last time we eat here.



Noodles the Office Dog

Yes!!! It’s true we now have an office dog to distract us with his cuteness. Forget about personalization, forget about adding products to the site, forget about creating new designs..NOODLES IS HERE and ready to be played with.  Noodles-Red-Hoodie-2

We’ve all met Noodles when Narmin or Ryan brought him into the office to say hello, but now we have the pleasure of seeing him everyday.

As soon as he runs into the office all attention is on him. We love his camouflage hoodie, red embroidered hoodie, and whatever else he is dressed in!! Yes, I said embroidered hoodie which was made when we first opened our personalization shop.


Noodles sitting at my desk

He loves when we feed him treats from our breakfast and lunch, but since I’ve found out that we all feed him I stopped so he won’t get too fat!!

Despite his outbursts of snarky growls, running after cars or trucks that pass by, growling at office guests, pooping on the floor (on his first day in), and climbing on my desk to lick the remnants of my bowls I still love to have him here.

If I’m lucky enough he will even settle down, hop into my lap, and curl up for a nap. Stay tuned for more adventures with Noodles!!

Noodles napping in my lap

Noodles napping in my lap

Custom Shower Curtains

Custom Shower Curtains — Great Gift!! I recently had the opportunity to create a Custom Christmas Shower Curtain for one of our wonderful customers!!

She had a theme in mind that she did not see in our Personalized Shower Curtain category  on our website Baby ‘N’ Toddler. She gave us a call and I was able to find out exactly what she wanted. A few days later I emailed a proof of what I designed and beside a few small changes she was THRILLED!!!

I let her know that we also have matching bathroom accessories like our toothbrush holders, soap dispenser, tissue box covers, and MORE!!

Here are some of my tips on how to get your VERY OWN custom shower curtain. 

1. If you don’t see what you want on the site contact us and we will work to create something ESPECIALLY for you.

2. A phone conversation is usually the best way to communicate what you would like.  We can confirm all of your specs, and this will eliminate having to pay additonal fees for proofs. (We offer 2 proofs with your purchase)

3.  Try to Plan Ahead and allow 7 -14 business days to receive your order. If you choose 2day shipping we will ship it out this way after production.

4. Let your imagination run wild… We love creating unique designs for each customer, so give us your ideas and let the fun begin!!


Personalized Bedding for Toddlers, Teens, & Adults

We are in the process of adding  personalized products to our site Baby ‘N’ Toddler, and the newest set of goodies we have are Personalized Bedding for Toddlers, Teens, and Adults!!! Now that the holiday season is nearing us, it would be the perfect time to order.

The variety is great and the options are almost endless. You can purchase exactly what we have, or you can create your very own CUSTOM bedding set. Check out some of the bedding sets we have available today!! We also have personalized pillowcases that you can mix and match with the bedding sets, or purchase separately.

If you have any questions about creating a custom bedding set ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, fill out the form below the pictures or give us a call at 281485-3351.

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Trendy Onesies..We Got’em!!

Chevron stripes are in style this season and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pattern!! Of course we don’t want to leave out babies in this trend, so we recently started carrying these adorable Peach & White Chevron Stripe Onesies and Black & White Chevron Stripe Onesies.

We haven’t left out the trends from the world of camo and have brought in Flower Camouflage Onesies and Beanie Hats which is the cutest new twist on camo!!  Last, but not least we have Pink Leopard Onesies and Beanie Hats for the animal print lovers out there.

Now that I’ve mentioned camouflage I can’t help but talk about our popular Realtree Green Camo Onesies and Realtree Pink Camo Onesies!! We currently offer them plain, personalized with embroidery or glitter, and with the saying “Born to Hunt” and “Born to Fish” on them.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s adorable when parents can dress their babies in trendy clothes just like them!!!