About Us

RNK Innovations is a retailer, wholesaler, distributor and drop shipper of baby and children’s products and are expanding to personalized products for the home. Not only do we manufacture our own products, we also distribute for companies within the US and internationally. Our office and warehouse are located in beautiful Pearland, TX – which is a suburb of Houston, TX.

The company started in 2003 after the owner, Narmin Parpia was laid off from her engineering job. While potty training her two sons she realized how difficult it was and researched different methods. After trying her own method and being successful she went on to author the book “Potty Training in One Day – A Guide for Today’s Parents”.

Of course she didn’t stop there. Narmin developed aides to accompany the book that included potty training dolls – Potty Scotty and Potty Patty, potty training pants, seats and chairs, along with some progression charts.

Our first website Potty Training Concepts was not only built to offer our products to the public, but also built as a one stop shop for ALL potty training products. At this point the business was entirely home based and Narmin would send out each doll with a special blessing to help potty train a lucky child.

After our products’ huge amount of success and appearing on the Today Show, the Doctors, and in Parents and Time magazines, we moved to our first warehouse. Mom Innovations soon followed as our wholesale website for retailers who were interested in carrying our branded products.

Potty Scotty, Potty Patty, and Baby Milano  followed as our retail website for our branded products, baby apparel, and nursery decorations. A few years later we launched Baby N’ Toddler which over time grew into a personalization shop.

In 2014, RNK Innovations released their latest and greatest project: YouCustomizeIt.com. YouCustomizeIt offers a wide variety of personalizable and customizable products. All YouCustomizeIt products can be designed online and previewed before buying. Check it out today!