Are you CONSUMED now Caleb?

Earlier this year Caleb ranted about his desire to create products that “Consume you from the inside”, his words..not mine!! YES,  I was horrified at the thought, but as he explained I understood exactly what he meant.

Caleb Said…caleb

  • I want to sell products that people crave.
  • I want to sell products that people “need”.
  • I want to sell products that people “gotta have”.
  • I want to sell products that people tell themselves “I don’t need that”…and still buy it.
  • I want to sell products like the ones on
  • I want to sell products that consume people from the inside until they have them.

My response to this ARE YOU CONSUMED NOW CALEB? It’s safe to say that you are immersed in our process of finding the best way to offer customers almost limitless variations on their product choice AND design options.

Not only that, you even had fun creating the Rice Owl Computer Science Department coffee mugs!! All in all I know that when you get the chance to create your own designs you become consumed and people like you will be consumed too!!

Rice Owls Mugs
Rice Owls Mugs
Ruler Coffee Mug
Ruler Coffee Mug










The same is to be said for Narmin and I when we create designs. The Ladybug Collection and The Colorful Trellis Collection are prime examples.  Both collections were created with designs that we personally loved. Within a week of adding them to our sites the orders started flowing in. There’s a picture below of the Colorful Trellis Bedding Set that I specifically designed for my bedroom (and am consumed with), and decided to create products that people like me will  love it too!!

Colorful Trellis Bedroom Set
Colorful Trellis Bedroom Set

I’ll be waiting for your response Caleb…. Are you CONSUMED now?

Danessa Grace

I am the Marketing Manager responsible for creating and implementing marketing plans, product management, and overall making sure we display our products in the best possible light through our various distribution channels. Read more...