Tip #3- Be Positive!

imagesWe have discussed being patient and when to step back and give them some breathing room.  Now for the third tip in potty training, we need to remember to stay positive.  Like any sport,  you  must have a cheering section and so it is with potty training.  Everyone likes to hear that they are doing well and that they have someone singing their praises for what they are doing.  Nothing wrong with that at all.


You do not necessarily have to go out and adorn yourself with a cheer-leading outfit and pom-poms, it can be a simple as having a potty training chart and some stickers.  You issue them a sticker on the potty chart each time that they are successful.  This method helps the child visualize their success as they go.


Other parents use treats as rewards for potty training where others do not care to use food as a reward at all.  There is no wrong way or right way, sometimes kids will pick it up quicker using this method of using treats. You could maybe try an M&M after a successful potty run or a small toy, if you do not want to use food, at the end of the end of the day a reward is a reward.  You can use these suggestions to help you set reachable goals for your child.  (If you do not like the idea of edible treats as rewards, you can also substitute items such as stickers or temporary tattoos.)

Happy DanceAnother wonderful idea to give positive support is the “Potty Dance”.  No special steps to remember, just whatever you come up with.  Singing and dancing for successful potty trips is fun, sometimes goofy and funny, a constant interactive routine for the both of you to partake in and always a positive way to celebrate the child’s successes.  You are the only person that can assist in making potty training a fun experience or a horrible experience for your child.