Be Ready to Back Off- Tip #2

Thanks for coming back for tip #2.  Now that we have begun potty training, we as parents are ecstatic to know that it won’t be long and we will have our child diaper free!  Yeahh!  It is now time for us to find a little freedom and for them to become a little more independent.

Before long, we find that they are actually catching on and are finally going potty.  We are so excited and they go several days without any accidents.  We couldn’t be prouder of them.  Then we wake up one day and find that they have had an accident and they are regressing.  They are fighting going to the potty.  We try to encourage them to go to the potty, only to hear a great big “No!, I don’t want to.”

frustrationIt is now, that we need to step back, take a deep breath and remain calm and patient.  We know that they are able to go potty because they have done it.  The last thing that we want to happen now, is to have to start all over from the very beginning.  Let’s face it, that is exactly what is happening.  We need to back off at this point, stay consistent with them, by continuing to encouraging them to go to the potty.  It is so important not to push them and make them hate going to the potty.  That would do more harm than good for all.

Bright IdeaEventually, they will pick up right from where they left off and all will be well again.  They just need to find the interest on their own and it will be just like riding a bike.  All of a sudden a light bulb will go off in their little ole’ head and it will be like they never did forget.  What we parents go through just to get our children all grown up and potty trained!