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Buying Guide for Potty Chairs

Are you ready to start potty training but just don’t know where to start?  Most think of potty chairs immediately when they think potty training.  Why are potty chairs important?  It all starts with getting your little one independent.  The adult size toilet seat is big and sometimes scary for a child.  They cannot get off and on independently, the opening is too big so there is the fear of falling in, and it makes loud noises.  Potty chairs are toddler size, bright fun colors, and if there are noises they are very fun and child friendly.  You want your child to be excited about this new adventure and a brand new potty chair for a brand new stepping stone in their life is the way to go.

In picking out the perfect potty chair there are quite a few things you should be looking at.  Who knew that potty training could offer so many different varieties?  It can be overwhelming and the pressure is on to make the right decision because no one wants a collection of potty chairs hanging around.

Infant Potty Chairs

Infant Potty Seats

First, think about the size of the potty chair.  Potty chairs do come in different sizes from infant potty chairs all the way up.  Take the time to find out your child’s height and width and use this as a guide when choosing the right size.  Usually potty chairs have measurements on the box or website you are shopping on.  Look for that.  If you do not see it do not be shy.  Ask!  This is an important part of getting the right chair.

Style of the potty chair is just as important.  The potty chairs have evolved, that’s for sure.  There are wooden ones, riding ones, musical onescharacter, and function, like a multi-function potty chair.

Wooden Potty Chairs

Wooden Potty Chairs

Some will be ruled out automatically because of the size of your child.  But if your child likes to ride the hobby horses, then by all means look at the riding potty chairs.  If your little one will only answer to Disney Cars Characters or Disney Fairies then you know right where to go.  This area is very important because you want your child to be excited and motivated about potty training.  So, music, style, and/or character are very important aspects in picking out the right potty chair.

Wooden Potty Chairs

Potty Chamber Replacement

Last, you want to look at mobility of the potty chair.  Where are you going to be potty training?  In the bathroom, living room?  Are you going to want to move the chair from room to room?  Not only do you want potty training to be easy breezy for your little one but you want some of that for yourself too.  Think about how you are going to empty and clean the chair.  Look at how the potty chamber area in the potty chair is going to be cleaned.   This may play a role in the chair you purchase.

With these three areas covered you are now armed with the knowledge you will need to venture out and shop for that perfect potty chair for your toddler.  We understand just how busy parent’s are so with that in mind we have created an entire section of potty chairs for your one stop potty training shop.

For more tips and tricks to potty training check out our Potty Training Tips page. We also have videos explaining the different kinds of potty chairs.

Product Video for the 3-in-1 Potty Chair

Riding Potty Chair by Potty Scotty and Potty Patty

Basic Potty Chair by Potty Scotty & Potty Patty

3 in 1 Musical Potty Chairs Product Video