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Noodles the Office Dog

Yes!!! It’s true we now have an office dog to distract us with his cuteness. Forget about personalization, forget about adding products to the site, forget about creating new designs..NOODLES IS HERE and ready to be played with.  Noodles-Red-Hoodie-2

We’ve all met Noodles when Narmin or Ryan brought him into the office to say hello, but now we have the pleasure of seeing him everyday.

As soon as he runs into the office all attention is on him. We love his camouflage hoodie, red embroidered hoodie, and whatever else he is dressed in!! Yes, I said embroidered hoodie which was made when we first opened our personalization shop.


Noodles sitting at my desk

He loves when we feed him treats from our breakfast and lunch, but since I’ve found out that we all feed him I stopped so he won’t get too fat!!

Despite his outbursts of snarky growls, running after cars or trucks that pass by, growling at office guests, pooping on the floor (on his first day in), and climbing on my desk to lick the remnants of my bowls I still love to have him here.

If I’m lucky enough he will even settle down, hop into my lap, and curl up for a nap. Stay tuned for more adventures with Noodles!!

Noodles napping in my lap

Noodles napping in my lap