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“I Want to Sell Products that Consume You from the Inside”

This is a rant, you have been warned.

After having a discussion with Narmin about whether we should pursue the “personalized wrapping paper” market I really got to thinking about why am I not happy with the products we sell here at RNK. She tried to convince me that a special present for a special event deserves special wrapping paper….but I just don’t get it. I obviously don’t understand why you would pay extra for a product that it’s entire purpose is to obscure the present from the recipient, be ripped off it, and then be thrown away. WHY WOULD YOU SPEND MONEY ON MANUFACTURED TRASH?

To me this is like saying we are going to sell “Enemy Toilet Paper”, it’s just like regular toilet paper except each square is adorned with the face of your enemy.

  • Is it a novel idea?: Yes
  • Would people buy it?: Yes (people bought Windows ME, right?)
  • Is it a GOOD idea: Probably not

So this lead me to my current view on products (as seen in the title), I want to sell products that consume you from the inside out. You may be thinking, what the heck does that even mean? (I think Danessa thought it was some sort of satanic reference when I first told her) But here’s what this view on products boils down to.

  • I want to sell products that people crave
  • I want to sell products that people “need”
  • I want to sell products that people “gotta have”
  • I want to sell products that people tell themselves “I don’t need that”…and still buy it
  • I want to sell products like the ones on
  • I want to sell products that consume people from the inside until they have them

I just don’t know that people will ever crave wrapping paper. It goes into the trash, and it’s not even theirs to throw away (I know I sound self centered, but that’s how retail consumers are). Maybe I’m wrong, and I hope you comment below if you think I am. But I think that this company needs to make more products that people can go crazy over….and personalized wrapping paper just ain’t it.

One comment on ““I Want to Sell Products that Consume You from the Inside”

  1. This is brilliant. It’s exactly the way desire works. My only quibble is: the same phenomena might lead someone to buy personalized wrapping paper.

    I see an ad for wrapping paper. “I don’t need that,” I say, and I congratulate myself for not ordering any. But next month, when I go to the big box mart and shell out a few bucks for some fugly blue snowflake wrapping paper, I might remember the ad (if it was well-done) and I might be consumed by it: “how much more pleasant would my world be if it weren’t covered in fugly blue snowflakes?”

    The problem, of course, is maybe not enough people will be consumed by the wrapping paper, so not enough people will consume the wrapping paper…

    (In particular, the effort to design your own custom wrapping paper might be too much. Maybe include “wrappings other people have designed.”)