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Buy It By The Sheet!

Just recently, we added a brand new product to our Baby N Toddler site.   There are so many creative people in our world today and so many wonderful ideas, that we decided to give them a product that they could work with.  We are now carrying decorative vinyl sheets,  decorative iron-on sheets and decorative wall fabric sheets to help make those brilliant craft ideas come to life.

Our vinyl adhesive sheets can be used when you are in need for the decal or decoration to adhere to an item more securely.  It acts more like a sticker but it would not be made out of paper but of a more durable vinyl material.  These vinyl sheets come in handy for our crafter’s when they work on their home made projects.

If you are in need of something that will iron-on, then you could order these designs in an iron-on material.  Then all you would have to do was to cut out the design that you need and iron it on any cotton or poly-cotton blend material, such as a tote bag, jacket, shirt, etc.

Lastly, you could order these sheets in  our Decorative Wall Fabric.  You could use this material to decorate in your home and stick the design to the wall, furniture, etc and not worry about leaving a residue because they are easily removable.  This material allows for easy repositioning of the decorative decal from one place to another.

We have already had two separate orders for these sheets.  One of our customers was going to use the vinyl sheets to decorate for her son’s birthday party.  She was going to cut out decals from the camo material to use as party decorations.  I can only imagine what wonderful ideas she had for that one event and I am sure that you could come up with just as many if not more.  Bring out the decorator in yourself and be creative!!!