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New Product Alert: JAGS Car Skins

At RNK we all know its cheer season when we see our resident Cheer Mom Tina getting into JAGS spirit mode.

Her daughter’s team is headed to Nationals soon and all the moms are looking for new and exciting ways to show their team spirit.

Over the past year they have decorated their cars with Rhinestone Car Decals and have also worn the JAGS personalized T-shirts we customized for them.

We wanted to go beyond the usual so we created  personalized JAGS Car Skins. The car skin is a perfect way to temporarily decorate vehicles.

The adhesive is strong, removable, and repositionable. This allows you take it off of your vehicle then  reapply later!!!

Tina and I worked together to apply it to her car and voile here is the final outcome!!! The look on Tina’s face was priceless.

I can’t wait to see what the JAGS caravan will look like once we have completed all the personalized Car Skins
we are making for the other team members.

UPDATE: Tina was able to transfer her Car Skin from her car to her husband’s truck!!