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Houndtooth Print for Men?

Hounds Tooth ShirtHere at RNK Innovations, we love making creating products for children. Our newest line of products consists of prints – and so we have a lot of discussions about fashion and what is in, what isn’t – what is considered classic, what is considered stylish, what is perfect for little boys and what works for little girls.  We end up having a lot of heated discussions about what prints work what genders.  We end up having discussions about whether boys could wear zebra print and if a mother would consider pink for her boys and it goes on!  We end up agreeing to disagree!

So our dear Danessa blogged about Men’s Fashion a week or two ago.  We all could not believe what we saw.  Was it real was the question. Yes it was!

Hounds Tooth Shirt for Men

So earlier this week, I am eating breakfast and start flipping through my son’s GQ Magazine that is sitting on the table and long behold what do I see?  A man wearing a hounds tooth shirt!!  It is in an ad for Steven Land and available at Suitsuonline.com – (nice catchy name!).  I bring my magazine to work because this is definitely worth a blog post.

As I am writing this post – I go to Steven Land and to Suitsuonline.com to see what they have – and decide that I actually like this look on men.

My vote – YES – done right – hounds tooth looks great on men!

What do your think??