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It’s a Bling Thing!

So sparkly!

I love bling.  If my mom would have allowed me to have a bedazzler when they were popular (obviously back in the day) I would have blinged everything.  She probably knew that and went down the non-dazzled road to save her curtains.  So, when I got this job my love for everything that sparkles reached new heights.  The personalized iron-on vinyl was an instant love.  Do I want glitter, or sparkle, or prism, or a little of everything?  I was instantly in sensory overload until I saw the rhinestones.  OMG!  If there is such a thing as loving something too much, then I am guilty!  A whole new world opened up to me.  I had no idea you could put rhinestones on just about anything.  It wasn’t just about the clothes anymore, it was about THINGS!

So, this leads me to our new rhinestone lanyard in multiple colors for the Iphone.  The back story is Narmin, Faith (friend) and I were at the Nutcracker Market in Houston.  We had shopped till we dropped and were riding the tram back to the car when I spotted something shiny, like a fish to a lure as my dad would say.  Sitting across from me was a mom with an active toddler in her lap and hanging around her neck was this glorious, sparkly lanyard with…..her IPhone hanging from the end.  I was trying not to stare, but I was in a complete trance looking at this.   About 50 questions were running through my mind all at once.  I tried to take a picture of it without being too obvious.  At the risk of not looking too creepy trying to quickly snap a pic, I just made a mental note.

What Mommy Doesn’t Want This?

The very next day when I got to the office my mission was to find the lanyard, order one, and see how it worked.  I did just that.  I ordered a couple and for about a week we all walked around the office with our IPhone’s dangling around our necks.  Not one fell off (I made sure I had insurance first), we thought we looked stylish (I believe I strutted a couple of time), and we always had our phone handy (I notoriously misplace mine…but not that week).  So, I ordered some to sell.  What better way for a mommy to hang out with her toddler with her hands free for playing and chasing all while having your IPhone handy for answering that quick call, text, or snapping that perfect moment photo.   GENIUS!!

This lanyard is safe, secures your IPhone, and dazzling, especially in the sun.  If you wear yours out and about everyone will ask “what is that?”, “how does that work”, and “where did you get that”?  Be prepared to brag!!!  I know I did!