Valentine Onesies

Preparation after preparation, when does it end!  It seems like we just got past one holiday and we find ourselves getting ready for another one.  At least, we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is not as hectic as Christmas.  But you realize that it is time that we start thinking of what to use to decorate our offices, homes and schools.  We will start to see the white, red and pink hearts all over the place and the kids will start buzzing about the school parties, valentine cards, etc.  And before you know it, we are right back in the holiday mode again.

That is why I want to take this time to show you some of our Valentine onesie’s.

Our Heart Breaker Onesie
Our ‘Lil’ Devil Onesie












Our Mommy’s Favorite Valentine Onesie
Our White Valentine ‘Prince Charming’ Onesie












Also take into consideration, that you can come up with your own text and choose your own colored onesie, you don’t have to use one of these.  Just a thought!




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