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Men’s “Fashion”

This is supposedly the face of Men’s Fashion in 2013/2014 and I couldn’t be more…. confused/amused. I thought the recent trend of men wearing leggings was as far as it might get, but these pictures will show you it’s gone MUCH FURTHER. From a strapless, frilly,  romper thingy to jumbo crotchet sweater and mittens, every outfit featured in this Yahoo Article makes me ask “Why?”.



I was mortified at the idea that men would take these trends seriously and adopt them in the real world!! Of course that was just my mind jumping to the worst case scenario that WILL NOT happen. A unanimous vote was taken in the office confirming that no man we knew would be caught dead in an “ensemble” like this.

Here is the Yahoo Gallery displaying this “artistry”.  The designers were most likely trying to create reactions such as my own. Shock, Awe, Disbelief, and Amusement!!